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    💎Diamond Feast Boosting - Fast | Discreet | Easy - All Data Centers💎

    EU, JP, NA

    About The Feast:

    The Feast is a seasonal, highly-competitive ranked PvP mode with many exclusive rewards.
    Diamond Tier is the highest PvP tier a player can achieve within the Feast, requiring over 2000 rating and a successful qualifier.
    Currently, the Feast is in it’s 8th Season, with brand-new rewards being introduced for ranking players.
    Obtaining Diamond will grant the most currency used to purchase exclusive, extremely-rare weapons
    and a high likelihood of making it on the Top 100 rankings list at the end of the season.
    Diamond ranking is far, far rarer and more exclusive than nearly any other achievement obtainable in-game.
    We are offering to get Diamond for any player, on ALL NA/EU DATA-CENTERS.

    What we offer:

    • A boost to Diamond Tier: all matches will be done legitimately by highly-skilled, experienced PvPers who have gotten Diamond consistently in previous seasons. This means no win-trading and no boosting. The reputation you gain will be legit.
    • If by chance we cannot obtain Diamond due to time constraints or over volume, we will refund your purchase in full. This is unlikely and has never happened in the past but, it goes without saying that we want to leave you satisfied.
    • Diamond ranking also grants the possibility of getting Top 100 at the end of the season and, while not guaranteed, nearly every Diamond player has been included in the Top 100 in past seasons.

    What you need:

    • A character with a level 30 combat class (preference will be given to players with healer classes at level 30 as they are the most efficient to climb on). We will also level a character’s healer class to 30 for a small additional fee.
    • Time/Patience: the Diamond climb takes many Feast matches, and even at a high win percent, could take around one week - depending on the number of clients. For payment, we accept payment by paypal or most bank transfer methods (Zelle, etc)

    The Rewards:

    The Title and Achievement: Diamond Wolf

    Please contact me via Discord @ Lushsales#0932 for pricing or any other questions, thanks!

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