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    CHEAP Powerleveling & Premade twinks/starter accounts!


    I do use a bot & custom bot profiles that I have made myself, along with the combat profiles, alot of the time, those who attack the bot end up dead. I never leave the bots running when I am not around to watch over. I do as much as I possibly can to insure the saftey of your account.

    I have multiple characters who have made it to 50-60 with pure botting the way I do it. I make sure you are in the most remote part of the world!

    Level 1-20 - $15
    Level 1-30 - $20
    Level 1-40 - $30
    Level 1-50 - $55
    Level 40-60 - $60
    Level 50-60 - $40
    Level 1-60 - $90

    I also do mob tagging where you can run around on a lower level and I hit mobs while I finish them off resulting in you getting all the exp, very easy and fast level boosting.

    Can boost you in most lower level dungeons or help you twink your character if needed ;] anything you need, ask and I might be able to help with it.

    Accounts (Levels/Pricing/Availability will more than likely increase on most accounts):

    32 [F] gnome rogue - dual assassins blades enchanted with firey/+15 agi, has enchanted boots, gloves, bracers, chest, and bank, 100/160 Lockpicking, 155/160 Poisons, 240/240 Engineering, 225/225 Skinning, 161/225 Cooking, 225/225 First Aid, has 22g in bags (4 16 slot traveler's backpacks)

    29 [F] gnome mage - Good blue wep with spellpower & +30 spellpower enchant, has enchanted gloves, boots, bracers, and chest, also has blue spell dmg shoulders & spell dmg engineering googles, 215/240 Engineering, 225/225 Skinning, 185/225 Cooking, has 28g in bags (4 16 slot traveler's backpacks)

    22 [M] dwarf priest - Blue healing staff with healing & +55 healing enchant, blue shoulders w/ healing/spelldmg, enchanted chest, bracers, gloves, boots. Can do professions if needed. 11g in bags (4 16 slot traveler's backpacks)

    Discord: RoO#2807


    1. All Sales are Final!
    2. Do not try to login to your account until after I have already given you the okay unless you are playing yourself!
    3. Bans for me are rare especially for me but if need be, I can use a VPN to be near your location, but I don't think it will be an issue.
    4. In case of ban (RARE), I will gladly help you level another account up easily for free if something strange like this happens.
    5. I reserve the right to change my ToS at anytime.

    Last edited by tradezomg; 04-29-2018 at 03:06 AM.

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