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    Requirements for Professional Seller

    I operate a website, and have generated over 10,000 in account sales in February of this year. What are the requirements for professional seller status?



    I'm also curious as to benefits for volume sellers, say 2,500 in middleman sales a week. Are the fee's on these types of sales, and sellers, still 6% per middleman sale? And are there additional fee's besides 4.95 + 6% for the middleman exchange. And disbursement for sales, are they automatic or reviewed and then processed and what is average time for payment once an exchange as been confirmed delivered?

    What kind of confirmations can sellers provide in middleman transactions showing they've delivered accounts to reduce that chances of scammers disputing none delivery?

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    You should start with this topic: and see below for Pro'Seller.

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    The Pro Seller upgrade info can be found with the link Fallen posted above.

    The fee to use our MM system is $4.95 + 6%, the buyer or seller can pay this fee and there are no other fees. Payment is sent directly from the buyer to seller so there is no disbursement of payment.

    The only Trade Guardian service that hold the buyer's payment is our Bitcoin Escrow service, which has a 3% fee. The buyer deposits payment via Bitcoin. The seller delivers the item. Once confirmed the payment is released to the seller where they can request to withdraw back to a Bitcoin wallet or Paypal. This can take up to 24 hrs.

    Our fee is 3% However depending how payment is withdrawn, there is another 1% (bitcoin) or 3% (Paypal) fee.

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