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    Lightbringer - 60 Epic T2 + Ash'kandi Orc Warrior /w epic mount

    Light's Hope

    Selling 60 Epic Orc Warrior on Lightbringer

    7/8 T2
    Bis DPS Gear + DFT
    Epic Mount

    Contact for more info!

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Discord: Tim-Beardedman#1227

    Add me in Skype: nardinoff93
    Please, make sure you add my Skype!

    Ask me to send a PM to you!


    There are impersonators pretending to be me in Skype!
    nardinoff93. (with dot at the end) or any other variations like live:nardinoff93
    are scammers!

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    • Reputable Trusted Service
    • Verified Business PayPal Seller
    • Open for Your Offers and Negotiations
    • Good Prices and Deals for Returning Customers

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