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    Warframe: "Where Most of Us Started" - An Excalibur Guide

    When we began playing Warframe

    I guess...

    Yeah that's right, an Excalibur. Then we ran along with the tutorial (back then there wasn't much of a tutorial) picking up weapons, killing some grunt units and escaping in our landing craft. Yes, I know the beginner Excalibur doesn't look like this, but you guys get the what I mean . As we played along we started to wonder what was beyond Excalibur? What are the other cool frame that we can get? Some would probably say, "I want a Rhino Prime!" or "I want a Loki Prime cause he's so cool!" (well yes he is ) and as some has sold their Excalibur to make room for other Normal Frames or Primed Frames, Excalibur remained as it was...

    "A Beginner Frame"

    As we went higher into the ranks at one point we probably asked someone higher than us "What is a good frame?" or "What is a good end-game frame?" Some of us got a lot of answers, but most probably someone mentioned "Excalibur". Then you raise one eyebrow and say to yourself "The Beginner Frame?" and yes my friends you are right. A good End-game Frame is Excalibur! High Five for the us who didn't throw away Excalibur, but for those of you who did, not to worry you can now farm it early in the game from the assassination mission on War-Mars or you can buy them from the market console on your ship for 75 Platinum. But what makes Excalibur an...

    "End-game Frame"

    Excalibur if built well, can concentrate on his #1 ability which is "Dash Slash" for mobility (yes you can use it in mid-air for up to 3 times, while holding down right click and be like a true space ninja), #2 ability which is "Radial Blind" for crowd control and #4 ability which is "Exalted Blade" for damage and defense. Now someone would say "Meh, I've played with my old Excal and Exalted Blade doesn't do sh$$ and duration is too short to make any significance to the battle" Yes, yes that is the "Beginner Frame" build.

    "This is the future: Power, Precision, Prestige. The pinnacle of the war-smith's art!"
    (special thanks to Ambulas for the words of wisdom )

    Finally! After all that speech the build! Guys, just to give you a heads up this is my personal build, you can change it to what ever you like. Some of the newer players won't be able to afford the Primed Mods cause you need 1,000,000 Credits to get it from other players, hopefully already maxed and if you have them you will need 40,920 Endo and 1,976,436 Credits to max out just one Primed Mod. With this in mind, the Normal Flow and Continuity also works well. The key mod here that will make your Excal Uber strong is the "Chromatic Blade", it is an Excalibur augment that will change the element of your powers to what ever color you put into your Excalibur's energy color in the appearance panel. Being shades of Red = Heat, Blue = Electricity, Green = Toxin and White = Cold. This goes on top of your elemental damages on your weapons. We'll talk more about that later. Now for the Arcanes that are there, "Arcane Fury" will give you a 40% chance on every critical hit to boost you melee damage for 120% and "Arcane Strike" will give you a 10% chance on any kind of hit, (excluding hitting on a girl or a guy which every you prefer ) a 40% boost in attack speed on melee and both of these will last for 12 secs and can be refreshed anytime the activation criteria is met. Wow! Nice right? Wait! but there's more, Excalibur's passive is that you attack faster and damage harder when wielding swords and my friend #4 ability Exalted Blade is considered as a sword in the game. Now if that is so cool, what weapon should we use?

    "Here we are! Born to be kings. We're the princes of the Universe"
    (special thanks to Queen for that Highlander intro)

    Yeah that's right, Swords! Any sword that you'd like to use... Okay, okay not just swords, any weapon you would like to use weather it's a small pig poker or a massive heavy hammer it's on you. I would still recommend swords though , cause of Excalibur's passive ability. Again guys this is my personal build, you can change it to what ever you want. Also with the Primed Mods, you can always just use the normal ones, they also work well. Now for the weapon build, we would like to create a lot of status ailments. With this build above I went for Heat + Electricity = Gas. Why Gas? Cause it makes small gas clouds when it hits and spreads to nearby enemies. Condition Overload will give you 60% more damage for each status the enemy has. So basically your sword or what ever weapon you'd like to use will just be a catalyst for these mods, cause the real deal here is, we are going to use these for Excalibur's Exalted Blade, yes the Exalted Blade uses the same mods as your melee weapon to boost up it's damage. Okay now that we gotten that straightened out, how does this build really work?

    "Yeah! Hit it! Hit it again!"
    (thanks to Lawrence Lilarcor the talking sword for those words of inspiration )

    So with this build we summon our exalted blade and be like an Edge Lord and slash everything in your path! Okay, that would probably look pretty cool, but what makes it cool? Chromatic Blade Mod will give you an element based on the Color, in this case I used Blue = Electricity all my Exalted Blade attack will have an Electricity proc, my sword has a gas element and it will also add to my Exalted blade, my sentinel uses an "Artax" weapon that shoots an Ice beam creating a Cold proc. I use #2 "Radial Blind" to stun mobs of high levels, oh btw once blinded by the ability they are in like an un-alerted state meaning any attacks to them will have a damage bonus like finishers and your Exalted Blade waves will always crit. That plus Arcane Fury's 120% bonus damage due to the crits and Arcane Strike and Berserker Mod giving you Attack Speed this what happens...

    Pure crit bleeding bliss, melts level 135 Bombards like butter on a hot sword... I mean knife. And that my friends is my guide to Excalibur. If you like my post or the mods that is featured in this guide please drop a comment below or you can contact me through Discord ID: Void_Trader #9603 or click HERE for my other posts.

    Thank You for Reading!

    Last edited by Void_Trader; 03-12-2018 at 07:07 AM.

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