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    Elite deluxe eu bnet.acc. D3 6k para, hs 100% cards, ow, sc2, wow legion delux

    Never used bots, hacks or some cheating software for none of blizz games:

    Diablo3 Deluxe RoS EU + Necromancer Pack:

    17 character slots. Maximum 12 stash tabs.

    6000+ NS paragon.

    Primal and perfect ancient gear for Necro, Wiz and Monk.
    (rathma dps, rathma bk, pestilence bk, starpact wiz, sunwuko geared and also full chest of cool items for any other build for there 3 classes)

    Can open 143rd GR, wiz and necro are rdy to push it, be sure.

    138 lvl for maingems
    13+ 125caldessans
    60+ 113 caldessans

    Average resources: 150k souls, 200-300k yellow-blue-white and few k DBs.

    11 wings: seasonal(Andariel + trippleblack), Cosmic(from rainbow goblin), both green(master set dungeons), falcon(chest), mercy(Overwatch Origins), Illidan's(WoW Legion Deluxe)
    Ghost Kerringan from latest HotS event - unlocked
    Necro wings
    Trag'Oul red wings

    38 pets: necro-golem one, 20 from goblin, Liv Moore, RoS Deluxe dog, SC2:LotV Deluxe protoss pet, SC2:battle chest taldarim pet, 2 different murloc and diablo2(blizzcon virtual tickets), cow and butcher(old tristram event), some seasonal(dog, horse, treant, stone)
    Portraits: Necro, Overwatch, HotS event, murloc from blizzcon ticket, rainbow from Sir Whilliam, angel and demon from old Tristram event, close to all seasonal
    21flags: 14 from set dungeons(all necro's done too), HotS event flag, WOW Draenor deluxe Warsong flag, fallen penant, blizzcon 2015 flag and 2 seasonal flags, necro pack.
    Transmogs: all from mystic chests, Illidans helmet from Deluxe WoW Legion, 6 transmogs from Blizzcon 2014, Deluxe RoS transmogs, protoss armor from Deluxe SC2:LotV


    Hearthstone 100% cards and 95% cosmetics:

    100% of all non-golden cards. 0 golden expert cards.

    85k dust and 2k gold - this is enough for 2 upcoming patches or for 2-3 full golden tier1 decks.

    Inkeeper card collection:

    ALL(9) golden portraits

    ALL portraits: Alleria, Medivh, Magni, Lyadrin, Khadgar, Morgl, Tyrande, Maev, Nemsi Necrofizzle and Arthas

    Naxx, Blackrock, LoE and Karazhan unlocked.

    Cardbacks 76 of 84:
    Fireside and Legendary cardbacks.
    Collector's Editions: WoW Draenor deluxe, SC2: LotV Deluxe and Overwatch Origins cardbacks.
    Blizzcon: 2014, 2015, 2016.
    Promo: HotS and Samsung Galaxy.
    Twitch Prime: Call of the Light, Call of the Void.
    Tavern Brawls: Christmas and D3 20 years event.
    Pre-order: Blackrock, TGT, WotOG, Karazhan.
    E-sport: TesPA and Power Core.
    Heroic: Naxx, Blackrock, LoE, Karazhan.
    All seasonal except Pandaria.
    Heroes: Medivh, Magni, Alleria, Tyrande.


    HotS: noob account

    41 lvl, Tracer, Stitch, Artanis, Illidan, Diablo, Butcher, Valla, ChoGall, Kaeltas, Sylvana, Jayna, Malfurion unlocked.


    WoW Draenor Deluxe and WoW Legion Deluxe.
    SC2 LotV Deluxe.
    Overwatch Origins.


    I'm the first owner of this account, you still can change you battletag ONCE for free.
    I will share all account info - secret question, passport scan, authentificator retrieve code and anything else.

    NO PAYPAL, can't cash out it here.
    Webmoney $1750 or WesternUnion $1500
    ($250 discount for the speed of transaction and cash out).
    If you are russian-speaking mb QIWI is the best choice.

    Can give all prooves via skype-screen demonstration.

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