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    Trying to Sell your PSO2 Account? Let me help you with that ;]

    Hey guys, I'm currently running a PSO2 Shop for Boosting, Meseta, and Accounts. I have premade accounts that I sell but I thought I would expand while helping out others. If you have an account you're trying to sell I can list it on my shop, I have multiple websites with the shop either on them or linked to them that you will be listed on, they are all ranked on multiple pages of google, some of which are page 1 rank 1 for their keywords.

    You will need to be the Original Owner/Creator of the account
    Have the SQ/A & Email Access
    Pref DOB on the account
    Sega ID/Password (Obv xD)
    You can list your account for sale anywhere you want, just make sure to let me know if you sell it asap.

    Please have information ready.

    Here is somewhat of a template of what I info I will need from you:

    • Screenshot of atleast 1 Character (you can provide up to 10-15 screenshots of rare weapons/characters)
    • How many characters?
    • What level classes does each character have that is on the account?
    • Do you have any special weapons/units with high end abilties/affixes?
    • Do you have any highly sought after Cosmetics/Wep Camos/Ect..?
    • Do you have special items such as boosts, room goods, triggers, ect..?
    • Do you have anything that you consider special that you would like to add to your listing?
    • How much are you wanting to sell your account for? (If you can, tell me what the lowest you'll take for it and what you think it is worth, I'll start by listing high, and put a discount to your low price if it doesn't sell)

    My main sites are - - and my online pso2 shop @ (Still a work in progress but functioning)

    If you have an account and are interested in selling it through me and my site send me a msg here or on discord: RoO#2807
    We can discuss more details there

    Last edited by tradezomg; 03-03-2018 at 01:00 AM.

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