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    LF Dedicated, Reliable, and Trustworthy Meseta Sellers/Boosters

    I'm looking for a few (preferably repped) meseta farmers/sellers who have a great deal of stock and would be willing to partner up with me and my services. I am also looking for people who are willing to repped and trusted and who also have experience in powerleveling, whether it be your own characters, or for another service/game. I am looking for just a few of both types, if you are interested in being both a meseta provider and booster just let me know. You need to know the game rather well and preferably have atleast 5-6 hours for 5 days a week to spend (if not 12+ if you want xD) on orders while your boosting unless you are ahead of schedule then you can take your time, but the order needs to be completed within the ETA we give them (we would base that off my previous experiences and your own account leveling) If you have any questions on requirements or have any questions or anything of the kind just send me a message here, skype or my discord:

    Discord: RoO#2807 (Most active)
    Skype: tehrooness
    epicnpc PM - least active out of the 3 but I get email notifications xD

    This is for my boosting/meseta services in which I run on a website also which are on page 1 of google for their keywords.

    Meseta Supplier Info:
    I will give you more info about being a seller for me if you need to know.
    As for prices, I currently buy @ $0.05-$0.07/mil depending on quantity, and there are quite a few orders ;]

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