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    Cheap Uplay Accounts with a lot of games!

    Hi there!

    I'm selling a lot of Uplay Accounts at a very cheap price!

    Here's a list of (major) games that you can find in it:
    -Assassin's Creed: Origins (3.00EUR);
    -For Honor (2.00EUR);
    -Ghost Recon Wildlands (2.50EUR);
    -Watch Dogs 2 (1.50EUR);
    -Far Cry Primal (1.50EUR);
    -Rainbow Six Siege (1.00EUR);
    -Tom Clancy's The Division (1.00EUR);
    -South Park: The Fractured but Whole (2.00EUR);
    -Anno 2070 (1.25EUR);
    -Might and Magic Heroes VI (0.50EUR);
    -Splinter Cell Blacklist (0.75EUR).

    +Every games of Assassin's Creed serie;
    +Every games of Far Cry serie.

    Of course, you can also ask me for other games that are not in this list, I'll try to find them for you!

    If you need info about the currency "EUR":
    1EUR is about 1.19USD

    A lot of accounts came with more games than that you have bought, they're considered as bonus games and are completely free.
    Yes, you will have the chance to take more AAA games with one purchase!

    Some few rules about the trade:
    1) If the account doesn't work, you can require a replace (after a verification);
    2)Only accepting Paypal;

    Feel free to contact me on:
    Skype ( live:e7f2fe8de8d0d121 )
    Discord ( Sn1mpuls3#8008 )
    Telegram ( Sn1mpuls3 )

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