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    0 account | Fair price | 1st owner | Name change

    Hello guys!
    Im selling my old acccount! Im the first owner of the account! Feel free to add me on skype(420boosting), if you have any question!
    Name change available!

    Price: 99USD (negotiable, only PayPal, Skrill)

    Gold: 1445
    CP: 2395 CP

    Season 3 - 3000 SR
    Season 4 - N/A unranked(0games)
    Season 5 - 2615 SR
    Season 6 - N/A unranked(0games)
    Season 7 (current) - unranked(0games)

    (Only epic, legendary skins listed!)

    Ana - Tal
    Genji - Nomad
    Lúcio - Slapshot
    Mei - Mei'rry, Chang'e
    Mercy - Valkyrie
    Pharah - Frostbite
    Reaper - Blackwatch Reyes
    Roadhog - Islander, Stitched
    Soldier - Commando 76, Strike Commander Morrison
    Sombra - Augmented
    Symmetra - Goddes, Qipao
    Torrbjörn - Santaclad
    Tracer - Jingle, Slipstream , Sporty
    Winston - Frogston, Wukong
    Zarya - Frosted, Dawn
    Zenyata - Ifrit , Harmonious




    World of Warcraft:

    Product level: Mists of Pandaria

    Diablo 3 + Reaper of Souls expansion:
    Lvl 70 DH 262 paragon full marauder, 9167 dex 48% crit
    lvl 70 DH 7065 dex 35% crit

    4540 dust

    Legendary cards:
    Harrison Jones
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Marin the Fox
    Lord Jaraxxu

    Available Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill


    Discord: 420Boosting#4345

    Skype: 420Boosting

    (Click here to add!)

    Last edited by 420Boost; 03-05-2018 at 11:02 AM.

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