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    Na , lan , las servers - master pro player boosting | cheap | 2 years online

    NA, LAN, LAS

    Who are you?

    Hi!, I am Murky and some of you guys know me because I have a new small MMR boosting (DOTA 2) organization since march 2015.
    Today I am here to introduce you to our service that is provided by a Peruvian Master Pro Player. He is able to boost In NA server from bronze up to Diamond 1, also he can boost on LAN AND LAS SERVERS, from bronze up to Master, Challenger is available but this is negotiable.

    Why doesn’t he sell this service directly?

    It’s simple, because he can’t speak proper English (my English isn’t perfect either, so I apologize).

    How do I know that you are not lying?

    Just add me to Skype username : paozz31
    And I will contact him to add you on his account (his main LOL account).

    Why choose us?

    We are very fast boosters, we have experience in the competitive scene.


    • Offline mode
    • Choose the speed of the boost
    • VPN Usage
    • Same summoner spell keys as you use
    • Can play any champion / role of your wish
    • Replay packs of the games
    • Screenshots of the games / advancements

    Additional info

    • I don't use any illegal scripts or 3rd party software
    • Your boost will be 100% confidential
    • I will not buy anything with your IP/RP, unless you give me the permission
    • I can always boost atleast 1-5 divisions per day
    • I am online 16 hours a day and available to chat almost at all times
    • I will have the full responsibility of your boost
    • I have 100% positive feedback on Dota2 Plataform here is link of my thread:
    • I can play in LAS, LAN , AND NA SERVERS
    • If the LP loss is higher than gain, I will charge extra
    • The service starts when you pay

    Prices and range :

    Bronze V-IV = 9$
    Bronze IV-III = 10$
    Bronze III-II = 10$
    Bronze II-I = 12$
    Bronze I 0-100 LP + Series = 15$

    Silver V-IV = 15$
    Silver IV-III = 18$
    Silver III-II = 18$
    Silver II-I = 20$
    Silver I 0-100 LP + Series = 25$

    Gold V-IV = 28$
    Gold IV-III = 30$
    Gold III-II = 30$
    Gold II-I = 35$
    Gold I 0-100LP + Series = 42$

    Platinum V-IV = 45$
    Platinum IV-III = 48$
    Platinum III-II = 52$
    Platinum II-I = 58$
    Platinum I 0-100 LP + Series = 65$

    Diamond V-IV = 75$
    Diamond IV-III = 82$
    Diamond III-II = 88$
    Diamond II-I = 95$
    Diamond I - Master I = 210$

    Booster's last games

    Last edited by Murky281; 09-16-2017 at 02:27 PM.

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