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    30% off!! Cutting-edge Hosting! Web, Wordpress and VPS Hosting

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    You can also Deal with me Directly if you Prefer. Just contact me via PM.

    This is my Personal Hosting Service so I will only be accepting a Certain amount of Customers at a time.


    How do I Migrate my Website to HostMyGuild?

    You have three options to migrate your website to us:

    1. Simply copy paste the files from your old host via FTP to your computer, then re-upload the files to our servers. In the case of WordPress donít forget to also Export/Import your database!

    2. You can create a full backup copy of your website in Cpanel (.tar file). You have to download this backup and send it to us. (Note: Since you donít have SSH access to our web-hosting servers you canít restore these on your own).

    3. If you have a WordPress website, then the easiest solution is to use a migration plugin. Install the migration plugin on your website and export your WordPress website to your computer. Install the same migration plugin to your fresh WordPress installation on our web servers and restore your WordPress website!

    Can I Host my WordPress Website with a normal Web Hosting Package?

    Yes, you can!

    You will only notice differences between normal web hosting and WordPress hosting once you reach a high amount of visitors per day. If you get around 100 daily visitors, then normal web hosting
    is sufficient. If you get more than that, you might want to consider upgrading to WordPress hosting.

    A third option would be to host your WordPress website on a VPS as this provides the best result long term!

    What are Nameservers and how do I Update them?

    If you already have a Domain at another Domain registrar or host you have to update the Nameservers. You have to log in to your account at the Domain registrar where your Domain is and update your Domain
    Nameservers to ours!

    You will receive information about our Nameservers in an E-mail once you purchased one of our Hosting plans.

    If you buy your Domain from us you donít have to do anything!

    What are the HostMyGuild Nameservers?

    Our Nameservers for our Web-Hosting packages:

    Our Nameservers for our WordPress-Hosting packages:

    How much Storage do I need
    for my Website?

    Depending on the type of your website you might need a different amount of storage, however, the rule of thumb is as follows:

    Static websites:

    The average static websites can take up from a few kilobytes to a few megabytes. Without video content, downloadable files or a lot of pictures of course!

    WordPress websites:

    The average WordPress website is about 500MB, however, it is not unusual to see them between 200-300 MB.

    What this means:

    This means that our smallest package can sustain any kind of website with content that takes up lots of space.
    You can use it to store videos, game demos or any kind of content you wish. ( Of course, you still have to consider our policies! )

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