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    Get Web-Hosting or VPN in exchange for blogs, articles, marketing or services!


    We decided to start a program where we give out Web-Hosting and VPN Services for various services in exchange! We realize not everyone can/want to pay for hosting or a VPN(even with our extremely low prices) but we love and believe in community created content!

    The reward is a 100% discount coupon for a Web-Hosting package or VPN Service that we agree on!

    The Services in question: - Web Hosting, Gaming Website Hosting - Game VPN, Gamer VPN, Gaming VPN

    Services we accept:

    - Write a good blog post/article for us
    - Write articles for our Knowledgebase (Guides, How to-s, etc), related to Hosting or VPN usage
    - Place our links in strategic positions, like forums,
    Quora questions, etc. (No spamming or other unsavory activities)
    - Place our links in your Signature
    - Place our links on your Website (not on the website you would get from us)

    - Create ads, images or graphics for us that matches the theme of our website and services

    Send me a message here or on Skype.


    Contact us with Our ticket system!

    We may make changes to the content you send to us
    All content has to be English with proper grammar
    The content you submit must be original. We can check
    You can also include images

    500+ Positive Feedback with 100% Reputation! Epic Member. Epic Member Premium. Verified. Trusted.
    ALWAYS send me a Private Message before adding me on Skype!
    Add me on Skype! Click my Signature!

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