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    Aug 2017
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    Need help for my survey

    Hello guys, my name is Indra, and im from indonesia.
    Im here just want to ask a few things, not sell or buy anything.
    In my country theres website game marketplace
    There's a lot cheap gold / item compare to other place/website,
    but the problem is still using local payment..
    So im here just want to ask,
    if someone ( let said that people already have reputation ) offering service as middleman :
    - You choose what item/gold
    - Send payment
    - middleman buy at itemku
    - Tell seller give you the gold/item

    Would you using this service :
    if yes :
    1. What payment method do you use ?
    2. how long you expect get your gold/item after you pay ?

    if no :
    1. Can i know why ? not interested ?
    2. Interested but there are no categories of game you play there ?

    I'm really appreciate for all answer, thank you very much..

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    Here to help. Just contact me if you have any questions.
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    Hello @op,
    Just a little heads up: you don't have the right to serve as middleman on this plateform.
    Middleman job are reserved for Verified and Higly rep-ed users (called Trusted).


    Super Moderator - Feel free to reach me for assistance.
    In case of scamming issue, please open a thread on our Active Dispute section.



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