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    Personal Steam Account | 545 Games | Worth 1163$

    So I am selling my personal steam account, since the summer is nearby and then I am going to go to an university, so I won't really be playing games anymore.

    Account has 545 games and level 25 on steam. It was created in 2011.
    Csgo rank at the moment is global, since I was unranked recently and got LEM, but I was global, so I need to play a couple more games and I would be global. On face it has level 9, needing only 13 elo (1 win) to achieve level 10.

    More info here:

    Price: 175
    Payment options: Paypal, bank transfer.
    Contact me on this website or skype: markas6661
    I will go first only with the guys that look trustworthy, otherwise you can hire a middleman.

    -I'm not responsible what happens or what will you do with the account after the purchase.
    -No cheats were used playing online games.
    -No refunds.

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