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    Dota 2 MMR Boosting - Elitist Gaming Unique Security - Fast Delivery Cheap

    Dota 2 Boosting with Elitist Gaming

    Add us On:

    Skype: elitist-gaming | Discord: Elitist-Gaming

    Or visit our site for a live chat (Click Here)

    (for information about before - during - after the boosts, Schedules, Available Spots, etc)
    Boosting is done by hand, it is not done using exploits of any kind, all services are piloted, if the account gets banned we will compensate you according to our refund policies located in our FAQ above.

    Message us for reviews!

    Click Here to View More
    (MMR Rating Boost, Calibration Matches, Coaching)

    Enhanced Security – Only professional boosters with special VPNs will ever handle your account and we limit our services to 1 booster per account, that way we ensure there will be no changes at all and your account will be safe at all times.

    Only done by Professionals – We use exclusively the best of the best players that are capable of outstanding skills and efficiency while handling the accounts of our customers.

    Years of Experience – We have been in the boosting business for 4+ years now starting with WoW, League, Dota 2 and now Overwatch, we pride ourselves with our great work and dedication we put into it.


    Elitist Gaming offers the safest boosting, with the most consistent results, and the most affordable prices you will find on the market guaranteed. We have taken players from virtually unranked to 6500 MMR and higher plenty of times and have in total about 2000 boost orders from our 4 year history in boosting in Dota 2 alone. Purchasing from us is simple and straight forward. Upon navigating to our member’s area, you can pick from a huge range of products available from many different games. Want to get ranked up to 7000 MMR? No problem. Need to get your calibration matches done swiftly for the new season? Got it handled. Need to be coached by the top coachers in the industry? Easy.

    To get a rank boost at Elitist requires very little. A steam account with Dota 2, a Dota level 50 trophy or a Level 13 profile. Also make sure not be in low priority. The first 10 calibration matches are very important for your future MMR. Let our professional Dota 2 booster play them to achieve the best possible starting Solo MMR.

    Once your order is made you will have access to our custom in house members area which will allow seamless ease of use in communicating with your booster. You can see all the information on your boost, along with its progress, from this page. You can alter information, pause your order, unlock it, even request a refund if your boost is not up to quality, though we do everything to prevent this and provide nearly around the clock live chat to resolve any issues. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your booster, and if you are not you are free to contact us for a prompt change. We have such a wide selection finding a booster who will work around YOUR needs and YOUR schedule is what we have been doing for 4 years and do well. Boosters will not start your order until you unlock your account, and duo's will not be started until you have both agreed on a good time.

    We have a roster with over 50+ boosters in many different time zones so rest assured, someone will be around to complete your order most times of the day. We very rarely have delays on orders, and monitor orders to ensure they are being claimed by boosters. There is a less than 30 second lag between the moment your order's payment is completed and a booster is notified that it is available for boost. This allows much faster service than our competitors.

    If you value security, Dota 2 hosting with Elitist just makes sense

    Our top priority from our founding has always been protecting client’s accounts. We preserve all customer information within our custom software securely, away from prying eyes. Rest be assured, Valve nor no one else will have access to your boosting details, and once we are done with boosting your order it will be as if our boosters were never there. We use our own VPN software and take extra special caution in how our boosters handle accessing and playing for your Dota 2 boost. The booster will always be showing as offline when logged into your account. Due to our due diligence, we have never had a client have a post boost problem such as their rank being stripped, which we hear has happened in other companies, but not Elitist!

    Some boosts will take longer than others. 500 MMR to 700 MMR will be done much faster than 3000MMR to 6000 MMR. But, the boost will only take as long as is absolutely necessary. We know you want to get back to doing what you do, playing Dota. If boosting isn't in your league than perhaps being coached by the top of the top is? We only pick the BEST of our already great roster of boosters for our coaching services. All coaches are inspected for good communication skills, good teaching style, and useful information given before being allowed to take orders. Not only do we maintain such a high quality standard for coaches, but we still remain the most affordable for the service in the industry.

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