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    0 - american gold sellers - all us realms - safe - cheap

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    Who are we?

    Loot Vault is an English-based boosting service for several games. We were tired of having to deal with non-native speakers that could never quite get the order right and overcharged by simply reselling our services. So we decided, why not just sell our service directly and cut out the middle-man?

    We started in late 2015 and have become a staple in the World of Warcraft boosting community as more and more guilds joined up with us, selling more than 1300 boosts in one year.

    Even though our boosts are primarily real world currency based, we still get a lot of offers to take gold for payment, because of this we have a lot of gold laying around on different realms waiting to be sold and you can be guaranteed that the gold is coming from an actual player, not someone who stole the gold and is quickly trying to sell it off to you before Blizzard cracks down on them.

    You can view our pricing on our site,
    Currently 1.77$ USD per 10k
    We accept payment via Paypal.

    Want to work with Loot Vault?
    We are always hiring individuals and guilds that can provide a service to our site. We only require that you can speak English at a conversational level and offer competitive prices if it's not a new service.
    New employees can only offer self play services until you have proven trustworthy enough to handle a customer's account. If your service can only be done as pilot please provide substantial customer feedback or reputation on a trade site.

    Direct contact info for jobs:
    Skype - Captainflynnt
    Discord: Captain Flynnt#3303

    Last edited by Captain Flynnt; 04-12-2017 at 02:23 AM. <- Check out my website for more products and current prices
    Discord: Captain Flynnt#3303
    Steam: -- LEAVE A COMMENT BEFORE ADDING ME. Seriously. I get 30+ bot/scammer adds a day, I ignore any without a comment for my own sanity.

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    Ban Reason: failed to resolve dispute thread -
    received very quick service and easy access to CS chat for any problems or questions.

    gold prices were accommodating and my experience was quicker than using PlayerAuctions and other private sellers in the past.

    was able to suit my need to get a gold supply for the obscure realm I needed with a merchant that's able to be trusted!

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    Quick easy transaction with great communication and accommodation. Will definitely be doing business again.



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