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SOLD 11 Chars | Lv9 HP Foodbuff | 32 Avatar Sets & 15 Wings! $160

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INDO Serv (Int 1,2,3 Global)

FBuff: HP lvl 9
Storage: ABCDE100

11 Slot
227 Needs Reset
225 Needs Reset
225 Needs Reset
225 Bow
225 Halberd
225 BS DEX-TECH prof 168
225 BS VIT-AGI prof 182
221 Halberd Luk Farm
220 Mage Luk Farm
181 1hs/2hs

Ava Sets (32)
Summer Vacay Garb III T + Summer Vacay Garb II B
Holy Courage T + B
Refreshing T + B
Zodiac Ox Kimono A T + B
Hatsune Miku T + B
Olive Oni's Child Garb T + B
Gangster T + B
Punk Cat Swimwear T + B
Punk Shark Swimwear T + B
Kazuma's Garb T + B
Eclipse Amaterasu Garb T + B
Dragon Knight T + B
Blue Star Parade T + B
Dark Chasere T + B
Happy Marriage Dress T + B
Navy Potum Schoolwear T + B
Sacred Angel Garb + Pure Angel Garb T + B
Sky Angel Garb T + B
Devil Necro Garb T + B
Astrology Necro Garb T + B
Summer Elegant Yukata T + B
Celestial Aquila Garb T + B
Celestial Cygnus Garb T + B
Celestial Lyra Garb T + B
Tropical Night Swimsuit
Love Wedding T + B
The Night Buttefly T + B
Shadow Assassin Suit T + B
Needle Master Costume B T + B
Sorcerer Coat C T + B
Festival Kimono T + B
Gambler Costume A T + B

Wings (15)
Summerheat Wings
Garuda Wings
Vampire Wings A
Chive Wing Fan
Hellfire Abyss Wing
Sacred Wing Scarf
Star Heaven Wings
Wings of Glory
White Flower Fairy Wings
Celestial Aquila Wings
Celestial Cygnus Wings
Red Toucan Wings
Lime Toucan Wings
Horned Dragon's Wings B
Horned Dragon's Wings C

Avatar Stats:
Max HP +1400
Max HP +15%

Anticipate 3%
Stability +3%
AMPR +19

Critical Rate 9 CR
Critical Rate% +5%
Critical Damage +5
Critical Damage 2%
Short Range DMG 3%

Ailment Resistace +15%
Neutral Resistance +6%
Magic Resistance +9%
Physical Barrier +1500

Weapon Atk +45
Atk +45
Matk +5%

Physical Pierce +19%
Magic Pierce +17%

DMG to Dark +5%
DMG to Wate +5%
DMG to Earth +4%
DMG to Wind +6%

Attack Speed +70
Attack Speed +8%
Cast Speed +53
Cast Speed +9%

Agi +6%

Aggro +14%
Aggro -9%

-Proto Clarity Rose 2S+S Clean
-Hell Reaper (Sword) 2S+S Clean
-Rose Choco Bow 1S+S Clean
-Cupid Bow II 2S+S Clean
-Bayonette 2S+S Clean
-Queen Staff (Potum) 2S+A Clean
-4th Anniv Staff IX 2S+S Clean
-Watching Mom III 2S+S Clean
-Twin Eagles 2S+B Clean
-Tolerancia 2S+S Clean
-Hell Reaper (Halberd) 2S+S
Gwaimol + Mardula
-Modestia V1 111 2S+S Clean
-Crystal Lamina 2S+S Clean
-4th Anniv Katana IX 2S+S Clean
-Jeremiah Mail 2S+S Clean
-Heaven Feather Garb 1S+S Clean
-Oriental Robe +S Clean
-Kinaco Earmuffs 2S+S Clean
-Magician's Ring 1S Clean
-Steeplejack Talisman 1S Clean
-Stoodie's Ring II 1S
-Sofys Talisman II 1S
-Happiness Talisman

Dark General's Shield +S
Coffin Shield +S
4th Anniv Shield IX +S
Ghoulfish Buckler +S

(36) Untrade Good to
Refine See in storage

Elemental Arrows
Event Daggers in Storage

PRICE: $160 via PayPal FnF OR Spina
Discord: ★Verr三#9682 (Copy and Paste)
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