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    Jan 2017
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    Looking for wow acc/can trade for CS acc LOL acc and Diablo3 acc


    Cs account: +200 hours supreme rank not alot of rare skins [/COLOR]
    diablo3: Some season items and all expansions[/COLOR]
    LOL account: at the moment its gold 1 alot of champions but not alot of skins
    Im looking for a a wow acc with a legion and some gatime want to do everything legit i just looking for a wow acc to play and if i can trade for my game would be happy

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    Hey Man I got wow Legion (eu) account with 27Days gametime (in this moment) so if u are looking anymore wow account i got in Outland pvp server (alliance)
    110lvl Mage
    108lvl Monk
    90lvl Rogue
    48lvl Hunter
    44Lvl paladin
    And in Ravenholdt RPPVP Server (All hordes)
    110lvl Paladin
    110lvl Druid
    102lvl Warrior
    100lvl Dk
    100lvl DH
    53lvl Priest and some others if u are intressed this account to change ur Steam account Please Contact me in skype : Teemuteemu60

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    I have a really good wow account, if you wana trade



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