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    Various Items for Sale

    Hi, so i have some Limited Edition(GEM) items, and Packs. Every item im selling is tradeable

    i have the following items:

    100x Pokemon XY Evolutions Packs

    Yveltal 2 Deck-box/Deck-sleeves/Coin (Old item that was in shop earlier this year)

    Complete Set:

    PokeBall Burst Sleeves + Pikachu Coin (Former Bundle in Shop)



    Value the Yveltal Set at $15

    Value the Poke Ball Burst Set at $13.00/EA

    Value the Ptcgo Evolutions packs at .32/Each or $30 for the lot

    WIlling To Send First to "Higher Ref People"
    Otherwise You will Send first or pay middleman

    Can Provide Pics with a "Timestamp"
    Open to offers
    Paypal Friends and Family Only

    Be sure to tag a common card before the exchange to make it easier

    General Process for Buying TCGO items in-game
    1.) On the Middle Left on the home screen there are four buttons, Click the button that has 3 cards on it, it will give you a drag down option, choose the top option (collection). this will show all the cards you have

    2.) In collection look towards the bottom of the card, this is how you can tell if a card a tradeable or not. look for a common card(s) with numbers that have a blue box in them, these are cards you can trade to recieve the order(usually commons/uncommons are accepted)

    3.)On the right side of the card should be 3 buttons, look for the top right one(should be 2 arrows), click it, that is a common/uncommon tagged for trade

    4.) Pm your seller the username of your account(You do not need to pm him the password, if someone says you need to in order to complete the trade, high chances are its a scam)

    5.) allow the trader to do the trade.

    6.) thats it! you completed a trade!

    If your new to buying ptcgo items/cards i can assist you in the process as well with visuals

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    Still selling ?

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    items still up



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