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    1 | 2000+ orders completed in 3 years | solo&duo boosts | na only


    About Us: Boostkings has been offering boosting services for 3 years now. We have more than 2000+ orders completed so far. We have tons of reviews/vouches with 100% positive reviews from customer buying a boost. You buy, we start, we complete your order. As simple as that!

    Boostkings offers a variety of boosts:

    SOLO Division Boost

    SOLO Net Wins

    SOLO Placement Matches

    DUO Division Boost

    DUO Net Wins

    DUO Placement Matches

    DUO Games

    Our Website:

    All our pricing is on this page:

    Want a 10% discount? Join Our brand new Discord community and look on our announcement page for the code!

    You want to contact us? Here are a few options:

    Customer live chat on our site 24/7
    Discord: Boostkings#1415

    Email: [email protected]

    Note* We will not accept any sort of trading to boost your account.
    Some games and vouches down below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gracious View Post
    Verified as a Master player and capable of boosting the divisions he promotes.
    Quote Originally Posted by dane517 View Post
    This guy is a beast, as soon as i purchased the boost he boosted it from diamond 5 to diamond 4 very quickly. Talented, timely, and friendly guy. All future business with him, excellent service.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbear View Post
    Wanted to drop another vouch for him. I started with small trades, $20 or so. Then after he proved his skill level and that he would deliver on the service, I eventually went first to him for a $170 trade (a bunch of duoq games) and not only did he deliver on his end, but he allowed me to spread the order out over several days. Additionally, I have 0 doubts about his skill level. I've seen him solo carry games from the very beginning, 10-0 or so KDA in low Plat, consistently. In games that our team does very poorly, he never gets angry or puts anyone down, he's all business. When I make awful mistakes in teamfights or ganks right in front of him, he just tells me to shrug it off and keep playing -- he never tilts me or condescends. I can sincerely vouch for his skill level and that he won't take your money and run.
    Thanks for everything!
    Quote Originally Posted by pandesal, post: 16003571, member: 427621
    Big time vouch. Got my order within the day! Communicated well at all times. Would order from again big time.
    Quote Originally Posted by sevensevens, post: 16991415, member: 514295
    bought 3 games and won them all so purchased 2 more and won them as well. This guy is a legit booster
    Quote Originally Posted by chrisnicole View Post
    great job professional carryer. will buy service again
    Quote Originally Posted by shyaznb8oi View Post
    Found him on Ebay, then got his Skype to discuss what I wanted on my account. He started playing my games on August 27th, and finished on the 30th.
    This was from Gold 3 to Platinum 5!! He finished in 3 days, which is pretty fast in my opinion. Well I had a high LP gain, so it helped him a lot quicker lol.
    I definitely recommend this guy boosting your account, plays jungle or mid as his main role.
    Will be back for his services in the future! Thank You!
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellrazor04 View Post
    Great service, order 2 games and won by stomping super hard.
    Quote Originally Posted by johnjake View Post
    Great guy to talk to. Great guy to carry. Great customer service. I would probably come back in the near future and ask for his service.
    Big time vouch for this guy. Went 7 - 0 while averaging about 20 kills a game... Beast!
    Quote Originally Posted by TacticalVisor View Post
    Just played with this guy and he is absolutely amazing. We duo queued through my promos in to Diamond 5 from Plat 1 - I started them at 0-0, and with this guy's beastly plays, we swept the promos 3 wins 0 losses. The quickest and easiest time I've had through any of my promo series, ever! Will DEFINITELY be requesting assistance from this monster in the future. Well worth paying him to carry because his back is stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. He's a fun guy to talk to and play with, super professional service - if you're skeptical about who to ask for boosting services, look no further. He's a God.
    Quote Originally Posted by kalev96 View Post
    bought silver 2 to gold 5. won all 12 games. great booster
    Quote Originally Posted by bignoobqq, post: 17257167, member: 523943
    I ordered 2 duo games with him to finish my promo series to diamond 5. First game I fed top, our jungler and mid also fed, this guy carried us like a boss. Second game he stomped bot so hard enemy adc afk at fountain. He got over 16 kills each game.
    Quote Originally Posted by bignoobqq, post: 17257167, member: 523943
    Very nice guy, didn't complaint or bm anyone at all.
    Definitely would contact him for boosts in the future
    Quote Originally Posted by Hockeydude, post: 17376936, member: 526760
    Great guy and friendly. Approved booster and was efficient.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skythas, post: 17440912, member: 380466
    Purchased 6 net wins in plat elo, sellingsmurf started and got the job done within 24 hours and was extremely friendly and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.

    Quote Originally Posted by sevensevens, post: 16991415, member: 514295
    bought 3 games and won them all so purchased 2 more and won them as well. This guy is a legit booster
    Quote Originally Posted by chanceme1991 View Post
    great service, communication was best I have seen by far, day to day updates, finished my order is a timely manner, would highly recommend!
    Quote Originally Posted by xkillertung View Post
    VOUCH ! He did a gold 2 --> plat 5 boost order for me and it was amazing, with occasional updates and amazing scores, hard carried the game and finished the boost in less than 24 hours.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbear View Post
    I worked with him for several duo Q games.
    I have no doubt in his skill level. More than capable of solo-carrying games. Non-toxic, to the point, fantastic player. Learned the most when he managed to get the jungle role -- map pressure, effective ganks, not doing anything stupid, etc. I contacted several boosters, wanting to run some duo Q games to see if I could pick anything up playing alongside them. He turned out to be the perfect match, and I'll definitely take any future business to him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lastonedone View Post
    Huge vouch and thank you got me from p2 to D5 quickly also did some coaching and duo Q very talented and great to work with !
    Quote Originally Posted by LoLMadFakerLife View Post
    bought some duo q and he is really good and hardcore carries. Also very friendly and good prices!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anthex View Post
    Very good booster. Finished my order within 2 days! Fast and efficient. Very trustworthy and skillful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zgua View Post
    Great player, boosted from silver 2 to silver 1 the moment I gave him the info and all wins! Thank you so much
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix44 View Post
    Great booster. Did the job very fast and efficient in Plat.
    Quote Originally Posted by greatporo View Post
    I can Vouch for this guy. He is an awesome Booster and i highly recommend him. I've used other boosters in the past but this guy is by far one of my favorite!! Highly Recommended!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yeun7 View Post
    just got a boost from this guy, hes friendly and does his order super fast. He keeps you updated on everything, working with him is super easy. Highly recommend his service. It is also one of the cheaper options out there too!!
    Quote Originally Posted by bwong247 View Post
    Amazing booster! Did quick job for me for Gold 1 -> Plat 5.
    He won 8 games straight! 8 wins 0 losses
    He finished the job in roughly 5 hours and communicated very well. Very friendly and skilled. Will definitely return to him for more boosting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Savant_Wolf View Post
    Great Service, kept me intact and did the order in a timely matter! Vouch 10/10
    Quote Originally Posted by LackLusterDesigns View Post
    Guys, just took an order from this guy, asked him to play just 2 games currently p5, just so i can have some elo so i wont fall back to gold, everything went smooth, he was on the account as soon as payment was completed.. and my god he dominated !! very good jungler and that is not even his main lane !! I would definitely recommend this player!
    Quote Originally Posted by Arelia View Post
    Good guy, carried games hard. Very honest and trustworthy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Your Lie In April View Post
    Cheers. Thanks for the freelo
    Quote Originally Posted by bestlolplayer View Post
    Great player! He can carry in any position without any problem! Honest booster, you can thrust him! He did awesome job, really fast and with good price! I recommend him.
    Quote Originally Posted by kdrey View Post
    Great guy, very friendly and skilled. :-)
    Definitely capable of high elo boosting and recommended.
    Quote Originally Posted by ReallyNiceGuy View Post
    Very skilled and trustful booster!
    Quote Originally Posted by Toxic_Support, post: 18079439, member: 547311
    This guy is legit, boosted me from gold 5 to plat 5 in less than 2 days. Very reliable, works hard to get your order done. Definitely recommend. Would try again, 10/10.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sincrossgx, post: 18707320, member: 475593
    Amazing job to g5 and carries every game, high kda and communicative, would definitely recommend
    Quote Originally Posted by JKW1500, post: 19573752, member: 459900
    Purchased 5 wins in P1/D5 and the process began immediately. The 5 wins were completed very quickly in one sitting with an average game time of only 30 minutes.
    Satisfied and recommended.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xist, post: 19596528, member: 581056
    Vouch! Bought a few duo games to get through promos. Can carry each game pretty hard and games barely last that long. Thanks.

    Boosting Terms

    - The person that is leveling your account is located in (Canada).
    - They are using a VPN/Proxy to Boost? (Yes)
    - The customer can log into the account inbetween boosting sessions? (No)
    - If the account gets banned or rewards are removed during Boosting or right after (within 2 days), we will compensate you (No) I never had any bann issues over 1 year of boosting!

    Last edited by boostkingslol; 4 Weeks Ago at 03:17 PM.

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