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100+ Lvl apex account FULL of skins



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Multiple Accounts
100+ LVL
Crafting metals=805
Legend tokens=37800

Legendary and Epic Skins
Mirage=(Angel City Hustler--Hack the system)
Bloodhound=(Royal Guard--Heat Sync)
Bangalore= (Fiber Optics)
Gibraltar= (Daemon Hunter)

Rare Skins
Caustic= Volcanic--Interdimensional--Snakeskin--Absolution (Banners=Not to be--Last rites)
Lifeline= Purgatory--Tie dye--Blacklight Classic--Coastalwaters
Wraith= High Frequency--Head Trip--Arachnophobia
Mirage= Sizzle reel

Legendary and Epic Banners
Mirage(Pop Goes the Weasel)
Wraith (Void Magic)
Bloodhound(Bring it--Lost woods--Stalk)

Legendary, Epic and Rare Weapon Skins

Mozambique= Red Alert
Peacekeeper= Kaleidoscope
Mastiff= Headgames--Trident
Eva-8 Auto= Cold Wave

R-99= Code of honor--Coral reef--rock bed--cosmos
Prowler= Off the Grid--Stellar--Derez--Triumphant Arch
Alternator= Warm Rave--Carnivale--Trident

Devotion= Code of Honor--Slither--Zeal
M600 Spitfire= Urban Edge

Longbow= Jester--Generation X--Derez
G7 Scout=Surprise party--Papertrail
Kraber= Shockwave
Tripple take= Slither--Zeal

RE-45 AUTO= Surprise party-Wildlands--Icebreaker--Warm rave
Wingman= Chaos theory--Generation X--Cold Fusion--Jungle frenzy

Flatline= Generation X
Hemlok= Carnivale--
R-301 = Clockwork

Clean account all handmade.
All info will provided.

Price is 99 EURO
Payment Via paypal.

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