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1.12.1 Vanilla WoW - No Agro (God Mode / Invisibility) - Mobs wont Agro You


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Working on ALL private servers (Vanilla) -- INCLUDING Northdale.

It is a physical Program. Not some " go do this in game" Sheit.

What is it?:
Simply put, Its an exploit + Hack that allows you to become Invincible. You take NO damage from NPC's.
This has a lot of potential if you know what you are wanting - and i have many different methods.

What can you do? (Examples)
  • Avoid any Agro by Any mob.
  • Farm thousands of gold.
  • Go into a major city and pwn anybody.
  • Run through dungeons and farm chests.
  • Farm dire maul books.
  • Farm Scholomance Chest (5+ Greens per loot) - 0 Agro, no damage taken
  • Rogue Lockpicking - Farming 600g/hr + go into BRD.. or any dung, and pickpocket EVERY single mob without any agro.
  • Do quests with ease. Dungeon quests that require you to pickup an item for example.
  • Farm BLACK LOTUS + Rich Thorium Vein (in silithus caves) Without getting agro.

Ths list goes on and on. This is a very unique exploit/hack and I am only looking to sell to 5 or 6 people tops.

Completely undetected.

Tested and Verified On:
  1. Northdale
  2. Nethergrade
  3. Elysium/Nighthaven
  4. RetroWoW
  5. TurtleWoW
  6. VanillaGaming
  7. Kronos 3
  8. Classic-WoW
  9. NostalGee

Potentially can work on any TBC Server - Please ask me to test on your server if you are interested.

If you are looking to purchase, please contact me on SKYPE or EpicNPC.

SKYPE = [email protected]
SKYPE = live:Ordes189

Also Available:

1-60 in 1.5-2 days Hack - nethergrade + Gold Making.

Dragonblight Gold Exploit Method.
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