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Selling 🦈Killer Megalodon - Whale Eater🦈 [136x5⭐] 89x 5⭐ Characters 47x 5⭐Weapons

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  1. Mihoyo
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Hello i am the Killer Megalodon, i crunch Whale Accounts for Breakfest

89 different rolls on 5 Star Characters
47 different rolls on 5 Star Weapons

All Level 5 and Level 4 Characters are included
Hold by a very trustable and responsible Player who is also the real owner
You will recieve everything necessary after the purchase to asure it will remain yours in the time of need.

C6 Baal
C6 Zhongli
C6 Jean
C6 Xiao
C6 Diluc
C6 Tartaglia
C6 Yoimiya
C6 Ayaka
C6 Qiqi
C6 Albedo
C4 Keqing
C4 Mona
C3 Ganyu
C0 Klee
C0 Hu Tao
C0 Kazuha
C0 Venti
C0 Eula

7000 € Bank
Crypto: 6000 €
No Crypto

Discord: CreativeBasement#5661

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