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Supersafe Smurfs

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👑 SSS Store 1,99€ Long Warranty👑

👑 LoL Smurf Accounts 40K/50k/60K/70K/80K/90K/100K BE 👑

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Legendary Seller on multiple platforms & Over 3000 Completed orders (1000 on Shoppy)

* Level 30+ League of Legends account Blue Essence & loot, all account details are changeable so that you can claim full ownership.*

Upon purchase you will receive an email containing the credentials:

1. Server (EUW/NA/EUNE/ETC.)
2. Level: 30+
3. Unranked MMR (no ranked games played, ever)
4. Unverified E-Mail Adress (you can link your own)
5. Blue Essence (BE) Capsules/Chests/Key Shards
6. Warranty
7. 24/7 Instant Delivery

➡️ https://shoppy.gg/@EBeloboosting⬅️
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