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Hello there, I am looking to buy your Warmane Account💰
Buying Accounts on Icecrown*But I may consider Lordaeron* and Blackrock* as well! Offering a Good Payment!💰

*An account must have at least one Character that is either BiS or close to be BiS!
Preferably Solo-Character accounts, but of course I can take any kind of the Account!
*Bonus for each Character may only be added if then have something unique and valuable!
*Buying both PvP and PvE, any faction, any race, doesn't matter.
Email is also preferred to be the Original one! I can take as well Accounts without an Email, but it will affect the price!
*Account Payments only via ☑️PayPal

Buying Empty Accounts too.

*With higher Donation Rank , such as Exalted, Honored, Supporter
*Original Email is a must!
*Account Payments only via ☑️PayPal

Also looking to buy all of yours Warmane Coins💰and Warmane Gold💰

*Buying everything that you have, regardless of the amount!
*Paying you a very
Good Price💰 and deal is done instantly!
Offering a Multiple Payment options!

For more info:
*Contact Discord ascendance7161
*User ID 833353999214182491

⛔I will never add you first without a simple confirmation here on EpicNpc!⛔
⛔Always make sure to message me here to prove my identity!⛔
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BiS Retri and Protection Paladin PVE and holy spec with few BIS Items got all PVE End game achivments DM me on epicnpc or discord mysteria#0408 for more info you need
ip hash: 84c16c84db456994b53ff0
Hi i have an account with two chars on it that i want to sell for very cheap Rogue 6k1pvp 6kpve 5000 achiv points 85 mounts, and a warrior 5.9k prot 5.4 fury with 1500 achiv points i have gold on both of them!
Dm me if you are interested
ip hash: c11de3d372624ae708bbc5
Hello, I can offer you premium account on icecrown with Rival paladin on it.it has 6 gear sets in total for every spec (pve/pvp)bis pvp ret without shadowmourne. 6,3 pve retri. Rest 4 specs all 6,2k + with bis weapons. + 9k arena points And some rare mounts icluding raptor and hawkstrider. On the account is mage 6,1k pve and 6,1 pvp with 5k arena points + fresh 80 rogue and feral cat 6,1k+ with both pve and pvp sets. + 2k arena points and 5.9 bear set. Can sell paladin seperately via warmane trade or account fully. Letme know if interested
ip hash: 5c33fcf389b5131c68acb6
Hello there, I am looking to buy your Warmane Account!💰
I am buying mainly on an
Icecrown*, and occasionally Lordaeron☑️ and Blackrock☑️ , and I do not buy accounts on Frostmourne!⛔
You must have at least one
Full BiS Character*, PvP or PvE well it doesn't really matter, and the more Characters you got, it's a plus.
Email is preferred to be the original one.🌟
Also, I am buying
Coins💰all that you have, and Gold.💰 Same, mainly it's Icecrown*, occasionally Lordaeron☑️ but not a Frostmourne!⛔

💰The payment method would be a
PayPal☑️, for a price we can negotiate in private.💰
You will be going first, no discussion here!🔥

🌟For more info, you can contact me either here on
EpicNpc*, or just simply add me on a Discord.*

⛔I do not
ip hash: 5c33fcf389b5131c68acb6

Selling an account with:

1 pala
- nearly BiS Hpala pvp (missing wrathful pants , shield and 1 trinket)
- nearly BiS ret pala pvp (missing wrathful pants and SM, I have wrathful weapon do)
- BiS preg pala
- 6.2k tank

1 shaman with:
- full ench shaman wrathful including weapons
- 5.8k elemental (BiS trinket and weapon)
- 5.8k resto ( BiS weapon and trinkets)

the total gold in the account is around 25k
I have 100+ emblems in both chars and 50k+ honor points and 1k+ arena points

I added you ln discord, my name is:
Hello, I am looking to buy your Warmane Account, on an Icecrown server. Buying all accounts.
Must have at least 1 BiS char or a very near BiS char, PvP or PvE doesn't matter, the more chars u have on the account, it's a plus.

Also I am buying coins and gold.
The preferred payment method is
Send me a message here on EpicNpc chat, or add me on a

Pala Retri 6,8 GS Shadowmourne
And PvP Gear Wrathfull
Banned - Scammer - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/account-recall-m%C3%A9liotass-m%C3%A9lio-krakmow-5454-on-discord-the-scammer.2212498/#post-8311687
Best Seller-Buyer u can found here !

Tyvm for everything bro
smooth trader

Really easy to communicate and friendly person aswell as excellent trader
Bought the account from me, everything went smooth

He bought the account from me, everything went smooth and great, i have zero complaints. RECOMENDED!