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NOTE: After we finish trading, please reply and leave a feedback, it really helps me earning some rep here, thanks in advance!

You can add me on discord or skype:
Discord: Great Heisenberg#9662 (scammer is Great Heisenberg#9662 with nitro, use first!!!)

(for google chrome users: url will open asking for "launch application", click on it and it will start skype)
live: pbheisenberg

Payment methods:
Skrill - preferred
PayPal - Friends and Family
[NEW] WebMoney (WMZ)

Current prices (updated on March 7th):
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Trust worthy, best rates ! fast!

Trulty trusled seller! quick, flexible, honest and fast!

just sold 100ex. gived ex first all went fast and smooth

sold exas on bloodlines:

very fast, didnt even take 5mins to sent

very nice contact!

Excellent buyer, all went smooth. I traded the orbs, gave my payment details and received the money. I will trade with this buyer again, no doubt!

Sold him 1 mirror and 150ex , i went first we went step by step and he sent me the money went fast would recommend.

Just did another trade on Torment, instant payment. My number 1 guy for sales!

Sold him mirror on standard and 475 chaos orbs on torment, first we traded partially chaos ( i went first for each 100 chaos), and then i traded him mirror on standard. I literally got money within a few minutes. Will surely sell to him again!

We just traded on Bloodlines. My favorite buyer, always a smooth trade.

3 Good reasons to use this guy: fast, reliable and fair prices.

sold him 300ex again went fast and smooth , helped me with a trade in WoW aswell nice guy can recommend.

Just sold 20 exalted to him, got money in less than a minute, trustworthy

Fast and smooth ;) trusted

Verry nice and fast trader, excellent and trusted !

Legit and trustworthy trader, has best rates and quick transactions. Will trade with again!

2nd time doing trade ;) very fast as last time, took like 1min for trading exalts and getting money ;) recommending ;)

Made a deal with GreatHeisenberg. The subject of the transaction were Torment Exalteds. Everything went smoothly. Payment instantaneous. Pleasant in dialogue;). The perfect combination of price and speed of payment !!!

Great trader, just sold an account at bloodlines, as usual trusted and quick.

good trader, smooth and friendly
had no problem with him

Status: Trade
just sold him 200ex on softcore,fast and good service,thanks..We will trade soon for more..

Status: Trade

Thanks on trade,very helpfull and good price trader..Sold 250ex on standard got payment in 3 sec!

Sold orbs to this trader again, payment came very fast, as always.
Would sell to him again.

Fast replies and instant payment, very professional will be using in the future!

Smooth Trade, instant payment! Thanks!

I sold him a few Ex in 1-Month-HC. Fast trade. Trustworthy buyer.

Sold 5 Ex in 1M HC. Very fast deal. Thank you.

Smooth and fast trade on 1m hc

Very good and fast trader, big thanks!!!

very fast and good trader, and very friendly too. :D

Best of buyers, polite and patient. I advise everyone to contact him.
Only good impression

Another smooth and fast trade. Recommend.

sold 16ex on sc 1m race - everthing went perfectly well! will trade again - thanks!

Sold 17 exalts and 170 chaos to this guy :) everything went great - deal was made within 3minutes.

HQ member.

Awesome seller. Deal was done quick. Best prices and friendly dude.

Just sold him some exalts, again, we make a deal in a minute,simply the best !

traded 15 ex/31c successfully ty

sold 16 more ex with no problems :D

very fast payment and kind man.

sold currency on 1MHC got paypal transfer fast, nice

sold him 1 mirror of kalandra vs 140$. simply perfect!

Trade went great. Friendly and excellent communication!

Friendly communication, fast trading, instant payment.
Recommend it

Legit, sold him exalts

sold 200 ex great trader

Sold him 100 EX Fast and Safe

fast as always ;) 5th deal already and no dissapoitments

sold him exalt. really fast trader and smoothh,legit recommended :D

Just selled 10ex , trade was smooth and fast . Thanks .

Sold orbs to this trader today, very fast reply and almost instant payment, as always.

Just bought 3 exa, was quick (5min) and no problems at all. 5/5!

Sold him 10ex, all went fast and smooth. Reliable trader with good exchange rates

Nice buyer. Immediately peyd. definitely will sell again.

110 ex sold, fast and smooth.

friendly, fast and smooth :)
2nd deal - sold him 65 exa so far

fast trade great ratios

fair trader


Another successful trade, great deal, great communication. Thanks!

I contacted him on skype and sold him a 6L Belly of the beast + 125c. Trade went quick and smooth, thanks :)

Traded again, easy and fast!

sold orbs. as always, all quickly and easily (5+)

Sold orbs on MSC easy and fast.

Another solid trade! Thanks Heisenberg!

Sold mirror of kalandra. Recommend.

I sold some ex on standard. Trade went fast and smoothly.

Biggest trade yet. Easy. Heisenberg is the man!

Sold 40ex today, quick, friendly, nice to talk to and most important: trustworthy with instant payment! will sell more to him :)

WTS, 10x exalted

Trade done in ~5 min ;) 100% recommend

Fast and smooth trade, good price and legit buyer! will come back

Sold ex to him, Fast trade and fast payement. Recommended !

Just sold him some ex , fast trade as always . Reccomand !

Very quickly and efficiently, I advise.

just sold 45c on Tempest. Solid buyer/seller

Everything went perfectly well - thanks again!

RMT new for me, and I was concerned about the small amount of Exalted orbs(17), but everything went well and quickly. good trader

Just sold Mirror, solid buyer, friendly and helpful. Reccomend!

Sold ex to him. Friendly, commend.

I have been selling PoE orbs here for ages, still the best! Sold some exalted and many other orbs in this first week of Warbands, everything went absolutely great.

Sold him 200ex, i went first, Instant Payment!.
Good trader!

Sold him a few Ex. The payment was instant.

Fast trade great buyer would do business again!

Fast trade, fast payment, offered me a good deal.

fast & smooth trade. thanks

Only sold a few but even for that the seller was nice and professional, payment was there in seconds after the trade. Highly recommended and a very very fair price!

just sold 80ex+. gived ex first all went fast good one

This guy is legit!! I went first and got my money after

Quick and easy, just how I like it. Will deal with again.

Few day ago sold 4ex.
Amazing trader.

Sold 8ex, everything went fast and smooth. Thanks again!

Sold about 45$ of currency, went super smoothly and easily. Great experience, would highly recommend!

i sell some currency to him,instant payment,great buyer A+++

Hey are you online :)

You were and the trade is already complete! Thank you so much for such a quick and easy transaction. Only traded a small amount of exalted this time but I'll be back for sure! Have a nice day.

I highly recommend for anyone looking to make some quick money on their orbs. Very pleasant and stress free.

Did a second trade with the OP today. Over $130 in transactions today and everything went 100% smooth. Would recommend to my mother and any one else for that matter.

sold him exalts second time, all went good. trusted trader

very positive experience sold a exouple ex and a bunch of chaos, all took less than 5 min, cheers.

Sold him exalts, all went good. Trusted trader! Thanks you!

Legit, fast trade without any problems!

highly recommend, sold him some orbs twice
very fast, and take precautions..

thanks :D

+rep sold him some currency

Very Very Very good trader! I highly recommend! + Rep.

Very good trader! Sold him various orbs without any problems. +Rep

warbands orbs worth 11$ -> done

Thanks you! I highly recommend! + Rep.

Just did like a 5th trade, no problems, fast and safe !

Excellent buyer, been doing deals for a long time. Just sold him a mirror on warbands, everything went excellent.

Been trading with this guy couple of times now , always honest and good price! Will be back with more

+ Rep! Best of the Best!

Another fast and safe trade, best one !

Very easy trade. Takes precautions when trading. Fluent speaker and easy to talk to :) Will trade again when I get more currency.

Very good trader, + rep!

Very good trader. I highly recommend!

100% guarantee, spent more than a 5-transactions, very quickly, in my opinion it has the best rates.

my second trade with this guy
good service and fast trading best rates too..

Fast and reliable trades.

Fast and very pleasant.
Money quick in PP

Very nice people.

i can only recomend Petar !!

first trade
quick payment would trade again

Fast trade, instant payment. Would trade again :)

I spent a lot of deals with him. Highly recommend. Best of the Best!

Another easy sale thanks Heisenberg!

Commended , really friendly trader . I went first and received the payment on paypal ! Cheers man

Fastest trade i've ever done, thanks

Just sold few exalted, everything was fine, fast & friendly.

sold 20 exalted. very fast deal and payment. exellent!

T4t again 600fus, 20ex, few divines)))) very fast))) payment instant

Sold him 16 ex, all good. Trusted trader! Thanks you!

sold 11 exalted orbs, went all well. Thx for the trade.

sold him 3ex. good trader :)

Sold to him 5EX, trade and paid in 2 mns. he is very fast. TY a lot, Hope have more soon for a new trade :D.

Sold him 1 Ex and 10Chaos. Insta reply and werry friendly

Very fast, great guy. Really was patient with me. First time using him and will definitely use again.

Traded exalts and chaoses on tempest and hardcore super fast and friendly will recommend.

Contacting you on Skype.

Sell some chaos chests to this guy, good trader.;)

Sold them 10+ exalteds. Fast, reliable and trustworthy traders.

Sold 72 Ex Very fast 5 minute and Everything was done

Traded 2nd time about 30 ex's. Very fast, very smooth, very trusted. 10/10 :)

Sell some chaos chests to this guy, good trader.;)

Fast trade, very smooth. Will be doing more in the future. Thanks for business!

Friendly seller, fast and safe. Will do business again.

Sold 10+ exalts on tempest, quick and safe, friendly guy too. recommended!

Amazing service. This guy responds fast, is very friendly and has great rates.

Friendly seller, delivered as promised. Will do business again.

Selling him since few days, asked other sellers before but his prices are best. Very trustful - 0 problems I Recommend this buyer. Regards all
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