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phoenix plat daoc

  1. A

    Selling  β˜… Offering TEMPLATE and PowerLEVEL service on Phoenix daoc β˜… all realms cheap!

    I offer TEMPLATE service on the daoc server PHOENIX. I can make your TEMPLATE for ANY CLASS you want, in ALL REALMS. I can also your POWERLEVEL in ALL REALMS. Delivery time for templates is 4-12 hours, depends on the class. Delivery time for PL depends on the class and on the realm. Message...
  2. Triandra

    Selling  🐲 WTS Albion Midgard Hibernia Phoenix daoc PLATS and feathers 🐲 CHEAP!

    Selling PLATS and FEATHERS on the DAoC server PHOENIX, AVAILABLE ON EVERY REALM! HIBERNIA - ALBION - MIDGARD Contact me on Discord if you want to purchase. HIBERNIA -> 2.5€ per 1 plat ALBION -> 3.5€ per 1 plat MIDGARD -> 3.5€ per 1 plat I have a big stock available and the price is...