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na west valtan gunslinger 1400+

  1. NAW Valtan 1462 Gunslinger perfect engra 98 relic quality weapon and good alts

    Letting go for 350 USD 1462 Gunslinger with 98 quality relic weapon (quality carries till ancient tier!) Perfect engravings and x12 point legendary cursed doll (20 completed CD books) alts; 1415 paladin 3 engravings 1408 berserker 4 engravings 1370 glavier 4 engravings 1370 artillerist 1370...
  2. Selling  NA West Valtan 1400+ (1410 Gunslinger)

    WTS 1100 Gunslinger Tired of leveling up? Hassling from 1370~1400? This account is already 1410, ready to go for all the contents now. Account has 3 characters. Gunslinger - T3 1410 Gear Score Sorceress - T2 (Technically T3) 1100 Gear Score Bard - T1 433 Gear Score As you can see, the stats...