1. Selling  [oo] 1768 MAIN 190qp,Full Void,Fcape,Torso, PK ready, rigour augury

    As with previous thread, i couldn't edit the thread anymore. looking for $110 paypal fnf or equivalent in osrs gp membership for 14 days, no blackmarks add me on discord if interested Jinwoo#9716 more images will be sent through DM
  2. OSRS ZERKER 99 STR, 200QP, F CAPE, B Gloves, F TORSO etc.

    Hello so I'm selling this great zerker wich have been dullying for a half year I think. It has great stats lacks only veng, done all mainly quests DT, MM Fremeniks, Lunar and etc. Was once banned for botting for 2 days but that's it, never botted again after that time. If you want any other...