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blood elf paladin tbc

  1. SOLD  Blood Elf Paladin PVP Horde Whitemane 100% regular mount and 60% flying mount

    I'm selling my Male Blood Elf Paladin PVP Horde Whitemane 100% regular mount and 60% flying mount/225 riding skill and this is what I'm offering: -58 Boost NOT USED YET! -100% handmade leveling and gearing, all work done by myself transfer available to any server (not on cooldown) -RAID READY...
  2. SOLD  70 (F) Bloodelf Paladin - Faerlina - Fake name - 129$ - Start wotlk with 70lvl

    Hello selling new 70 level female blood elf paladin Fresh geared Perfect if you want to skip leveling and start with TBC content on the most populated server in tbc Faerlina Jump into wotlk with 70lvl 100% safe and clean account Original owner Original email Fake name Xfer up Dpp up 485 gold...
  3. Buying  Wtb BE pally Horde with or without Gears

    Hi want to buy pally BE pref Faerlina server but any would do - LVL 70 REQ - OBVIOUS FAKE NAME - GEARED PREF -BUDGET GO FROM 100-700 USD
  4. SOLD  70 belf Paladin Tank - Original owner - Fake name - Xfer + DPP UP - Faerlina

    Server: Faerlina PvP Race: Blood-elf Class: Paladin Spec: Protection Gear: Tank gear, close to pre-raid Mount: Epic ground + flying (rare) Fake name Original Owner Original Email Xfer up Dark portal pass not used! Game time active til 28.04.2022 No bots, hacks, cheats or exploits were used! 100%...