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    Bad Feedback from Meimain!

    Yes, I see the error was on the seller's end, not yours. Your feedback has been removed.
  2. EpicNPC

    Bad Feedback from Meimain!

    The negative feedbacks were already changed to neutral. We do not delete feedback unless the claim is 100% false. Resolved disputes get changed to neutral. You both received a neutral so this is resolved. You can't give the use an additional negative feedback for a resolved dispute.
  3. EpicNPC

    Question about ads on epicnpc

    Paid ads, yes, you can advertiser other similar sites. If you posting a normal thread, then that's not allowed. Banner ads are just normal sized ad images. Header, thread and footer are 728x90 Sidebar is 160x600 At the top of the site you'll see a Google ad, that's basically how the header...
  4. EpicNPC

    Add : Online staff members, online members bars

    We can add a mod list like before. I'll add it to our list, but no ETA at this time.
  5. EpicNPC

    Accidentally wasted credits

    Its been removed and 650 credits added back.
  6. EpicNPC

    Email Authentication Enabled on All Accounts by Default

    We made an update to account security today to enable "Email authentication" on all accounts by default. On the old site this we enabled by default, but on the new site is was optional. The change now makes it required. If you have phone authentication enabled instead, email authentication...
  7. EpicNPC

    Official Suggestion thread - help make EpicNPC a better marketplace

    I added a filter option for it.
  8. EpicNPC

    Packmaster = scammer

    Thank you. Waiting for Capitan Jotunn to reply. Please do not argue after Capitan Jotunn replies.
  9. EpicNPC

    Selling  testt 3234234

    testt 3234234
  10. EpicNPC

    Purchased member 3 days ago still haven't gotten

    It's pending, you should receive a message shortly explaining why. Sorry for the delay.
  11. EpicNPC

    Packmaster = scammer

    Upgrades removed from Packmaster while this dispute is open. 1) How many orders did Packmaster complete for you? 2) How many orders was he paid for? 3) How many orders had a problem before Packmaster was fired? 4) When the payment disputes were opened against packmaster, how many orders did...
  12. EpicNPC

    Someone impersonating me

    Impersonation is one of the most common scam methods and sadly many users don't bother checking to make sure they're talking to the real person. I recommend adding a warning in your intro area https://www.epicnpc.com/account/profile-customization This will appear on your main profile page...
  13. EpicNPC

    Need help issue with Account - Staff Only

    The seller should never post images of the account that display the username, guild name or anything that can easily identify the account. Yes, if the account is banned for "selling" the seller will be fully or partially responsible for a refund, but you'll still need to post a dispute thread...
  14. EpicNPC

    Second Fake feedback from User Alicex, recruited for reputational damage

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/fake-negative-from-alicex-never-had-a-deal-with-him-or-know-him.1477304/ @Alicex you were requested proof of sale and you did not reply. You can't post feedback until you show proof of sale. Its been removed again.
  15. EpicNPC

    Display rank status

    There was never a rank title selector. You can purchase the "Change User Title" item in our store. that will allow you to change it to something else.
  16. EpicNPC

    Help removing multiple account from profile

    I'm sorry, we do not delete or remove multiple accounts from your list.
  17. EpicNPC

    Boosting with duoq without verfied?

    Verified upgrade is required if you offer any service where you have to log into the customers account. If you're not logging in, you don't need the Verified upgrade.
  18. EpicNPC

    Using Trade Guardian to get a Middleman

    When you created a transaction, a request is first sent to the other party. If they accept, a transaction will be created and will then display on your Active Transaction page. If they reject or ignore the request, nothing will happen.
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    Middleman Fee

  20. EpicNPC

    Middleman Fee

    $4.95 + 6%