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  1. J

    WoW Classic Demo Will Come Out

    World of Warcraft is the role-playing game and I am in a search to have the latest one but do you play this game currently? Previously, I used to have this and this is the amazing news to have a classic version of it and soon going to have, could you build up a team where players can play this one.
  2. J

    Can Someone change with me. I just wannaa to play any game.

    It is good that you are in a mood to play a video game, it is not that much harder to play games. By the way, Which platform do you use to play games? Well, there are many benefits of playing the game as it keeps us active in a day to day life by increasing our skills, as we know that there are...
  3. J

    Favorite Gameboy (Advance) game

    Can you please get me in the game looking to explore more in the game.
  4. J

    SOLD WTS Spellbreak Account - Tired of BR's - Fast & Cheap!

    Why don't you go for the other video game that can be simply played on the PC? You can also go for the multiplayer game to play with your friends and you can share a game with them if you played a game on the console.
  5. J

    WTS> BF5 redeem code

    Can this game be played on the PC? I saw the trailer and it is amazing to have, well, I know that this is the latest series of Battlefield.
  6. J

    Buying Gaming / video games page

    It is great that you are going to buy the video game but which platform do you use to play a game? I used to play on PC.
  7. J

    Trading Wtt OW acct for BF5 key

    Is it like you stop playing this game? Are you still in a mood to sell this?