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  1. EpicNPC

    message/chat can be seen by other users?

    When someone clicks "Messages" on your profile, they will only see your public messages (posts and threads). If you click on your own "Message" link, it will include "conversations", but only you can see those. Only admins can view messages between members, not mods.
  2. EpicNPC

    We need middleman for our transaction

    Sorry for the delay. Sometimes there are certain types of accounts MM don't want to process. FB is very strict and locks can happen very easily, so most likely that's why a MM did not claim it. I've notified our MM and one will be joining soon.
  3. EpicNPC

    Scammed by Blackhatw222

    Can you explain the purpose of needing to buy a BHW account? Why couldn't you register your own account to spam if that was your goal? I see over 200 posts from July 2 to July 15, however none contained links, so it does not appear the ban was for spamming. The ban reason says 'Multiple...
  4. EpicNPC

    Notification delay

    Yes, the browser push notifications have been inconsistent for a while, this is why we plan to use our own system soon. Emails should also be instant.
  5. EpicNPC

    Notification delay

    Are you referring to browser push notifications or notifications in the top right in the "Chat" and "Alerts" area? The top right notifications should always be instant. Push notifications should also have a max delay of 60 seconds, but sometimes there's service interruption and it's delayed...
  6. EpicNPC

    block someone from send chat / pm?

    Ignore means you won't be notified if the person replies to threads or forums you're watching.
  7. EpicNPC

    Buyer chargebacks after 2 months of last purchase.

    His main account is @TommyBach and it's still opened. https://www.epicnpc.com/members/tommybach.1032213/
  8. EpicNPC

    block someone from send chat / pm?

    That does not block them from sending you messages. We have a planned update to add this feature to the site in the near future.
  9. EpicNPC

    Official Suggestion thread - help make EpicNPC a better marketplace

    At this thread to your Watch list to get notifications https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/massive-forum-list-update-new-smartphone-tablet-category.588322/
  10. EpicNPC

    WoW Account Recalled

    gurglingemu - if your goal is to get off on a technicality, it won't work. This is not a court room. There is no rule that says "split decisions are ONLY used if 5 or more members are involved" The rule says "If 5 or more members are involved, it's automatically a split decision". Those are 2...
  11. EpicNPC

    Scammed Genshin Impact

    1) Sinister stated that in his discord chat the account data post is no longer there. chaosapoc, when did you delete that message? why? 2) The data chaosapoc gave to Sinister states that the original email is (marty*******[email protected]) and also shows the phone number. chaosapoc also says...
  12. EpicNPC

    MMOFURY is a scammer.

    @MMOFURY, Niklasniklas stated he can't login after trying again. Please try to login using the information you gave to Niklasniklas. If you can't login either, then please open a support ticket to recover the account. Once recovered, please reply here and send me the login information so I...
  13. EpicNPC

    Paying people for referrals?

    No, sorry, we do not have a section like this. It would lead to a lot of spam so we don't plan to add one, sorry.
  14. EpicNPC

    Scammed in June of 2020

    NightmareEFT ([email protected]) has been banned until a full refund is issued.
  15. EpicNPC

    MMOFURY is a scammer.

    MMOFury, the rest of the chat shows that 1 minute after he logged into the account he reported the Warrior was missing. https://www.epicnpc.com/attachments/cf46e402-a272-42f5-b8d1-3c7b8fc460dc-png.1976822/ Now you are both saying again neither of you have access to this account. 1) Please open...
  16. EpicNPC

    How do I update a thread that is past it's edit date?

    remove the /#post-7785247 from the end of the URL.
  17. EpicNPC

    Scammed in June of 2020

    No you did not . You have never purchased our Verified upgrade because ID is required and there is no ID on your account, nor is there any purchase record for the upgrade in our log. The upgrade is irrelevant. The same decision would be made since you're missing the Boosting/Leveling terms...
  18. EpicNPC

    MMOFURY is a scammer.

    Why did you confirm you would issue a refund if you have no plan to do so? Both you and Niklasniklas are saying you don't have the account. Niklasniklas the chat images from G 2 G shows MMOFury returned the account to you and you confirmed you received it, "yeah im in". Why are you saying...
  19. EpicNPC

    Scammed Genshin Impact

    Both videos have been received. I'm waiting on a reply from Sinister before I post an update.
  20. EpicNPC

    Massive forum list update - New Smartphone/Tablet category

    it looks like a single player game. We normally don't add games like that.