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  1. EpicNPC

    Massive forum list update - New Smartphone/Tablet category

    Normally we don't add games if they're only available in a single country. There's a lot of big games in Korea, China and Japan that are only available in a single country, but we don't add them since most of our traffic NA and EU. If they announce a global version, we can then add it.
  2. EpicNPC

    New user navigation

    In the top "Forums" menu is a complete forum list. https://www.epicnpc.com/forumslist/ The issue with clicking categories is on our bug list and will be fixed soon. The 'recently added' and 'trending' boxes are very popular with members, so those will not be removed. Post count and join dates...
  3. EpicNPC

    "warning added to your account"

    I'm sorry, but we do not allow that. Your IP and phone must be from the same country. Since you purchased an upgrade, another admin will contact you soon asking to verify more info.
  4. EpicNPC

    Add other currency function for TG service

    I'm sorry, our prices are in USD, so payment has to be made using USD. Paypal should allow EUR payments and automatically convert that to USD for you. You can't make payment using your Paypal balance?
  5. EpicNPC

    Massive forum list update - New Smartphone/Tablet category

    Are most of those launched in certain regions/countries only? I don't see most of those when I check the Google Play store. Not Listed Blade & Soul Revolution New Dark Story Online Clash of Wonders Glorious Town Grimms Echoes Low Install Base - Not added Throne of Elves Langrisser Valor Guard...
  6. EpicNPC

    EpicNPC Relaunch Status Report - Report Bugs here

    We don't have any resize tools available at this time, so it's whatever size you upload.
  7. EpicNPC

    Scheduled Downtime Dec 8-9 [Completed]

    Maintenance was completed this morning. Downtime was only about 2 hours, so less than what we expected.
  8. EpicNPC

    Scheduled Downtime Dec 8-9 [Completed]

    Unfortunately the solution we had hoped to do is not possible, so we had to again reschedule. It will be either today or tomorrow and overall downtime is expected to be 3-4 hours.
  9. EpicNPC

    Having trouble with errors all over navigating the forum

    Search was down for about 12 hours, but is now fixed. Sorry for the trouble.
  10. EpicNPC

    EpicNPC Relaunch Status Report - Report Bugs here

    Views do not update instantly. It's updated every few minutes. It was an error last week, but fixed, so views should be increasing. I've posted a few new threads in this forum this week and you can see they are getting views.
  11. EpicNPC

    EpicNPC Relaunch Status Report - Report Bugs here

    Thanks. We'll check it out and add it to the list.
  12. EpicNPC

    Having trouble with errors all over navigating the forum

    Yes, please let me know what the errors are and what the page URL is.
  13. EpicNPC

    Delete thread

    Thread has been closed.
  14. EpicNPC

    Scammer- [email protected] - Vuilegek

    You can split the difference for that, so he can pay you $25 for that.
  15. EpicNPC

    EpicNPC Relaunch Status Report - Report Bugs here

    wow, either I missed reports about this or you're the first to report it. Added to the high priority list. Should be fixed in a few days.
  16. EpicNPC

    Scammer- [email protected] - Vuilegek

    This is a loophole that we do not allow sellers to do. We've had disputes in the past where the reseller did the same thing you did, their customer paid the original seller directly. This provides protection to the reseller because they don't have to worry about a payment chargeback. But when...
  17. EpicNPC

    Scammer- [email protected] - Vuilegek

    A Paypal refund will also refund the fee. So if a refund was issued, you should receive 100% of the payment back. What's the extra $50 for? What account? I don't understand the deal you guys made. Vuilegek gave you his account and you were supposed to sell it for him, right? But you were...
  18. EpicNPC

    Scheduled Downtime Dec 8-9 [Completed]

    We did not perform the hardware switch last night. This is scheduled for today. We believe we have another solution that should only result in 20 mins downtime instead of a few hours.
  19. EpicNPC

    I can't find the sticky threads ...

    To buy a sticky thread 1) Go to the game forum and post a new thread for your item or service. 2) Go to https://www.epicnpc.com/stickyads/ and search for the game forum 3) Enter the URL you created in step #1 to make it a sticky thread.
  20. EpicNPC

    Getting error message across the entire site since update. Can't see anything.

    Yes, it was related to TWV which was completely removed. Your original account has been fixed. Sorry for the trouble.