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  1. P1trsavanger

    EpicNPC Credit transfers have been disabled

    Since the 10 day lock was implemented, credits were pretty much unusable for trading anyway.
  2. P1trsavanger

    @epicnpc and mods

    You missed the point.
  3. P1trsavanger

    @epicnpc and mods

    @Adoxia fair enough, it was admin handling this particular dispute. Anyways, you all can learn from this. You will be handling other cases. And (in this case) I dont blame the admin or anyone, I would probably do the same mistake. I just hope that you (the mod team) adjust your conduct after...
  4. P1trsavanger

    The real problem of the RMT career

    You can resell stuff. Buy low, sell high. Thats what the most full-time RMTers do. I guess it is pretty simple although I never did it since I care about what I sell. If you are really skilled then you can do boosting. Botters cant bot to diamond in LoL. Gold/currency farming is mostly for...
  5. P1trsavanger

    @epicnpc and mods

    Hopefully smods learn something from this case. Fist he should have returned the accounts before getting refund. In disputes the mod should estimate the risk and decide who goes first. I saw it happen few times that the honest guy tries to quickly resolve the issue and if there are other parties...
  6. P1trsavanger

    Paypal Permanently Disabled

    I say good riddance. Paypal and Discord do more harm than good to this industry. I always wondered if it is incompetence or if they lowkey help scammers. You should add more crypto options (Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Doge, Cardano etc.)
  7. P1trsavanger

    New Payment Options Added!

    When using those other options to buy credits, is there still the 10 day restriction?
  8. P1trsavanger

    Official Suggestion thread - help make EpicNPC a better marketplace

    Should also apply to signatures. Thanks.
  9. P1trsavanger

    Official Suggestion thread - help make EpicNPC a better marketplace

    Can we get an option to turn off gifs?
  10. P1trsavanger

    Are we allowed to sell cryptocurrency trading signals?

    Sadly, yes, people are allowed to offer signal "services" here.
  11. P1trsavanger

    Argentina cheap wow subs, help.

    Well, you dont really need a VPN if you have the links, I use it just bc it automatically directs me in the region shop I want to use. Dont log in the game with VPN.
  12. P1trsavanger

    Argentina cheap wow subs, help.

    Dont ask anyone to make you an acc. You can ask him to send you gift codes. If you want to do it yourself, you need to use VPN.
  13. P1trsavanger

    WoW Accounts banned

    If you dont want to get banned, buy from some solo farmer that doesnt sell a million gold a day. You probably bought gold from some reseller that buys gold from botters and uses new accounts with only lvl1 chars.
  14. P1trsavanger

    Bump System Disabled

    I noticed that "Your threads" is missing from the Forum drop down menu, is it coming back?
  15. P1trsavanger

    About Giveaway and Feedback

    You actually are the internet Karen... The rule is clear. No feedback for handouts.
  16. P1trsavanger

    Thoughts About the New PS5?

    Imo it is not financially good decision to get it over PC (long term) but if you are a console gamer, it is the console with better games.
  17. P1trsavanger

    Official Suggestion thread - help make EpicNPC a better marketplace

    I would really like, if we could add personal notes to members.
  18. P1trsavanger

    Is Italy going to exit scam?

    How? If he knew about it maybe even before the reports, why did it take several days to put warning on his profile? He didnt ask for any proof for his claims. We dont even know who (if true) exit scammed him.