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  1. Autohotkey

    Hello! I'm new of EpicNpc!

    Hello 👋
  2. Autohotkey

    Selling  Gold on Arkenstone [US]

    Hello, I'm selling gold on Arkenstone. - PRICES - 1.20$/k 60$ for all (60k) - CONTACT - Discord : AutoHotKey#5216 Skype : https://join.skype.com/invite/qeg8DyXGVXn0
  3. Autohotkey

    Account Upgrade

    Mouseover their name and click "chat". Also, I just read that : https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/paypal-payments-are-not-working.1866628/#post-7421464 (that's probably why your account hasn't been upgraded yet)
  4. Autohotkey

    Account Upgrade

    Your account should be automatically upgraded. Maybe you should try to get in touch with one of the admins ? (since more than 24h have passed)
  5. Autohotkey

    When was the last time you upgraded your PC?

    I'm still using my 2060 that I bought 2 years ago :D
  6. Autohotkey

    hivron is scammer, he stole money and never delivered his promised account

    Can open a dispute : https://www.epicnpc.com/forums/scam-disputes.141/
  7. Autohotkey

    Selling Rank farming services | Limited time | EU

    20% off creep farming if you order between 10 February and 25 February! Add me on Discord : AutoHotKey#5216
  8. Autohotkey

    SOLD  Lifetime account with lvl 120 hunter and Minstrel [EU]

    - Evernight - R7 hunter (lvl 120, valared) R7 minstrel (lvl 115) R7 Defiler R8 Warg - Other - Account has almost every Expansions (just missing Minas Morgul and WoTP) Has 1k LP - Contact - Not looking for much, waiting your offers! Discord : AutoHotKey#5216 Skype ...
  9. Autohotkey

    SOLD  Lifetime account with 7k LP and every expansions

    - Arkenstone - R0 Hunter (lvl 120, Valared) - Gwaihir - R0 hunter (lvl 105) - Other - Account has every quest packs / expansions (except WoTP) - Contact - Not looking for much, waiting your offers! Discord : AutoHotKey#5216 Skype : https://join.skype.com/invite/qeg8DyXGVXn0
  10. Autohotkey

    Selling  Premium account with r15 mini, r10 beorning and many other characters

    - Arkenstone - R15 Minstrel (Fully geared Remmorchant t1 and has some pieces from t3-t4) R10 Beorning (has some gear for remm t1) R4 Burglar (Lvl 126, valared) R7 Champion (lvl 122, valared) - Evernight - R9 hunter (lvl 125, valared) R0 Rune-keeper (lvl 103) R7 Captain (lvl 107) R4 Minstrel...
  11. Autohotkey

    SOLD  Sold

  12. Autohotkey

    SOLD  R12 Reaver Evernight [EU] 30€

    Selling an account with a rank 12 (Chieftain) reaver on it. - Maxed audacity - All traits - All skills If you're interested in this account, feel free to contact me on Discord, Skype or on EpicNPC. Discord : AutoHotKey#5216 Skype : https://join.skype.com/invite/qeg8DyXGVXn0
  13. Autohotkey

    False Negative

    Well... I mean if he can't provide any proof that you scammed him, then you'll most likely win the dispute I think.