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    Selling  ⚡ CHEAP ⚡ PvP Undead Mage 3511gs. on Endless.gg

    Selling Cheap Horde Undead Mage PvP/PvE Geared on Endless.gg - 3511 Gear Score PvP. - Many more PvE items in bags. - 3500 Arena Points. - 1200 Gold. - 100% Ground , 60% Flying Mounts. - Alchemy 375 / First Aid 375 / Tailoring 375. - Original E-mail. - Screenshot: PRICE: 25€ Payment via SKRILL...
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    SOLD  ⚡ CHEAP ⚡ Full S3 Orc Warlock 3510gs. on Endless.gg

    Selling Horde Orc PvP Warlock on Endless.gg - 5/5 Vengeful Dreadweave Set. - Full s3 Offparts. - s3 Offhand and Wand. - Badge Cloak and Trinket. - Epic PvP Trinket. - Epic Gems and Enchants. - Gladiator Title and Merciless Gladiator Nether Drake Flying Mount. - 3510 Gear Score. - 466 Resilience...
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    Selling  Endless PvP Undead Rogue 3.2k GS.

    Hello,Im selling a PvP Geared Rogue. -Original E-mail. -Professions - JWC,Engineering and First Aid. -JWC Trinket, Engi Helm. -S2 Maces. -Armor 3/5 s2, 2/5 s1 -Off set -Full s3 ,Only s2 Boots -1.3k Arena Points, 10k Honor. -100% Mount. -Stats... For more Info PM me: DISCORD: nqmatakav#0472...
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    Selling  Endless.gg TBC Selling Horde PvP Mage 2.9gs and Rogue 2.5gs

    Endless Sunstrider PvP Accounts. PvP Female Undead Mage 2879GS 282 Resilience 885 Spell damage 18.70% Crit Chance 38 Spell Hit Engineerinng / Enchanting / First Aid Kara Attuned / All Heroic Keys 100% Mount / 60% Flying mount Original E-Mail --------------------------------------- PvP Male...