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    Buying  WTB global Giana account

    Hello, looking for a global Giana account. $150 budget Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    Trading  WTT Global Ragdoll for Global Giana

    Hello, looking to trade my global ragdoll account for a global giana account. Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    Selling  POE Acc with Ascendant/Hydra/Harbringer/Beast supporter Packs / MTX

    Hello, selling my POE account because I never play the game. I am the original owner of the account. Supporter Packs - Ascendant Supporter - Hydra Supporter - Beast Supporter - Harbringer Supporter Stash Tabs - 1x Currency Tab - 1x Divination Tab - 1x Essence Tab - 3x Premium Quad Stash Tabs...
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    Selling  $90 [Global] end game 3.8 mil cp, 35 fc, 56k xes, 42m gold

    Dummy Gmail account which will be given to you 35 FC Total Greenland and Estoris Sig Force 1.2 150+ Fated Equip (including 8 exclusive weapons such as zeon, iris and Jinai) 50k Xes, 38 mil gold, 68 Holy water, 50k dust Price - $90 paypal friends and family Discord - Sancteus#2439 or...
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    Buying  WTB Global Giana $150 Budget

    Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    SOLD  WTS Global Ragdoll

    $140 paypal friends and family, if you want to use trade guardian you pay fee Disc- Sancteus#2439
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    SOLD  WTS Global Savannah, Betta and friends

    Hello looking to sell this extra account I no longer play 10 nat 5s + Betta $40 paypal friends and family Disc- Sancteus#2439
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    Buying  WTB Global Midgame Account $100

    Looking for a global midgame account with the following: -Savannah/Verad -BJR5 -SSS Rifts -Decent towers Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    SOLD  WTS Global 171 6 stars 58 nat 5s 17k Crystals

    Hello looking to sell this account 171 six stars 58 nat 5's 70 including fusions 17k crystals 8k summon stones 500 transmog stones 59 reapps 52 ancient reapps Arena and Guild towers maxed $200 Paypal friends and family Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    SOLD  WTS 2 Global Accounts

    Hello looking to sell these extra accounts I no longer play Disc- Sancteus#2439 Account 1 Early -8k crystals -Bastet/Perna/Verad/Martina/Chiwu/Christina/Shi Hou $30 paypal fnf SOLD Account 2 Mid Savannah, Barbara, Dark Chun-Li and friends -3k crystals -30 nat 5s $100 paypal fnf
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    Buying  WTB Giana or Ragdoll Global $200 Budget

    Hello, looking for a global Giana or ragdoll account. Max price I can spend is $200. Contact me with what you have either here or on disc. Disc - Sancteus#2439 Thanks!
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    free up email from deactivated account?

    Hello, is it possible to free up an email from a disabled account? I would like to use that email for this account if possible. Also unrelated but is there push notifications for watched game categories for new threads? Thanks
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    SOLD or Trading Great Global Exos Heroes Account with 24 FC USD35.

    Good seller, fast and easy Thanks for the smooth process
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    BOUGHT  WTB Global Account $200

    Looking for c2-c3 account with high or maxed towers SSS rift, bjr5 baelygr team, and fastish Cairo’s 12 clears Good runes and nat 5s, pref to have wind beast rider leftover crystals would be a nice plus Disc - Sancteus#2439
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    SOLD  [GLOBAL] whale end game account 3.5 mil cp, 38 FC, All Signature force

    Hello, bored of the game so want to sell my account. Linked to a Dummy Gmail account which will be given to you 250+ Fated Equip (including 8 exclusive weapons such as zeon +iris) 14k Xes, 20 mil gold, 57 Holy water 38 Fatecores Every signature force unlocked Price - $150 paypal friends...
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    Selling Global Double Beast rider + dark chun Li- $99.

    Fast and easy, recommended Thanks for the smooth buy and for answering questions
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    SOLD  $50 Triple LD 5 ⭐ Poseidon, Dao Lord, Tyr End Game account

    Hello, selling this main account of mine that I've played daily since a few weeks after release Linked to a dummy gmail account which will be given to you - Has 10k crystals, 150m Calianite, 300 skin tickets - 40+ skillcats - 3 real LD nat 5s - Poseidon, Dao Lord, Tyr -12 double sanctified nat...