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    Selling LOA PA, lvl 77 , vip12 , 40k diamonds currently top 1

    Hey bro, i dont think this game sell well due to p2w game. However, if you decide to quit or whatsoever, im willing to ride your account for free. Just let me know. Have been playing this game since 2018.
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    Scam Accusation - MistiServices

    Yes. Always confirm onsite that you are dealing with real seller to avoid being scammed. You can chat the real seller onsite by giving a random code or sentences and ask seller on discord to providebyou the code/sentences. Better safe than sorry.
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    SOLD VIP15 (4.4m power) and can rise alot more. (S24) Level 111. CHEAP

    Good deal Transaction went smoothly. Nice man!
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    How active are you on EpicNPC?

    Spent 3-4 hours daily viewing thread. :/
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    WTS Unlimited Discord Nitro Method $10

    Pm me interested
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    got scammed by rohirrim

    I can confirm that. I looked for this thread yesterday once it opened, then try to add FarmHardGoHome#3044 but seems cannot find him. Something is fishy here.
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    YouTube is planning on banning everyone who uses Adblock

    I do care about content creator on youtube. Simply, they are looking for some money, side money, main income or whatever, just like a lot of sellers in this forum. I didn't use ad blocker for that reason. They provide me entertainment and fun, and that's how I payback. 5 to 10 second ads for 20...
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    SOLD End of the Game

    He is banned.
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    Accountwarehouse scam! Sent me to collections!

    Whew backfires :)