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    Selling NA Fresh & Quartz Accounts ⭐ SSR BB ⭐ xtreme-gacha.com

    Amazing seller Ultra fast delivery! Very polite too!
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    Buying  NA starter with VK and HoV

    As title said, looking for a global NA starter with HoV and VK, lowest lvl possible so I can choose my friend as sensei. Discord is Thiagão#4184
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    SOLD  Midgame God tier units 11 SSR ( 3 dupe )Velvet,Leon, Yuri, Kohaku, Kanata+ 25$

    Selling early midgame acc. Normal story Chapter 5, still have many gems to Farm. Side stories untouched. Velvet, Leon and Kanata 1 awaken. Price: 25$ Log in Bandai, can changed e-mail to yours. Feel free to PM for discussion and negotiation on my discord Thiagão#4184
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    SOLD  Endgame Unlinked 181k cp - 1,58 miilion box - all AoT collab units 100$

    Selling my endgame acc. SSR 6/6 ultimate: Red Gowther Blue King Red Arthur Red Howzer Green Jericho SSR 5/6 ultimate: Blue Merlin SSR 3/6 ultimate Red Helbram SSR 2/6 ultimate Green Escanor Green Valenti Blue Rimuru Blue Fighter Diene Blue Liz Hawk Characters Full costumes: Escanor...
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    SOLD 6SSR Leon+Velvet+Reid+Yuri+Kohaku+Kanata | login bandai $25

    Amazing selleri Instant delivery, Very polite and helpful!! Thanks!!
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    Selling Fresh Starter Top tier 4-8 SSR | CHEAP [Update]

    Amazing seller Instant delivery after payment, helping to link account. God tier seller! xD
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    SOLD  Whale Endgame with ALL 6 stars operators Flash Sale 200$

    Endgame whale account with all 6 stars operators an some of them have potential 2+ ( check SS to verify) and basically all 4 and 3 stars operatos are pontential 6. Haas 11 units in Elite 2 all with lvl 7 skills and some others meta units wuth lvl 7 skills as well. All annihilation done and...
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    SOLD [Global] Endgame CC 137k Pvp Champion DemonMeliodas Gowther Ban PlatCoin15

    Fast and smooth transaction Instant delivery after payment. Seller answered all my questions! Amazing person!
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    SOLD  Endgame 9 unique 5 star ML

    HI,m I`m selling my acc cause I won`t have more time to play and it would be a waste to let this acc die. Well farmed, arena on challenger cause I do`nt have time to maintain Champion anymore, abyss 91, cleared 2 raids hell bosses, normal is easy. Haven`t attemped to do hunts 13, but you have...
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    Trading  account sold

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    Selling closed

    Update: Got Magallan and Executor, total characters are now 90 and only missing one 6* that is Nightingale , wich can be purchased on shop when available.
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    Selling closed

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    Selling closed

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    Selling  Cheap Mid-End acc 102k cp , G. ban. G meli, R. merlin and + 9 plat coins

    16 units UR R. Arthur with UR costume weapon R. Merlin full affection with UR weapon B. Slader with FULL UR COSTUME G. Jericho with UR costume weapon Total account CP is 504k Has 9 Plat coins to purchase any SSR you want, 98 Gold coins and 149 silver coins. Towns from 1 to 6 max affection...
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    Selling  closed

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    Selling SetsunaEpic.com⭐GL WoTV Starters Orlandeau x 7 + 100.000+ Visiore | Sept 2020

    Fast and smooth transaction Amazing seller! Alwayas a pleasure doing business!