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    Selling Ceres M account 2xkings Herianna/Irim

    Sent a message. Couldn't add you to discord???
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    Selling Ceres M account 2xkings Herianna/Irim

    Hi I updated with price. Sorry.
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    Selling  Ceres M account 2xkings Herianna/Irim

    Hello I'm selling a unlinked Ceres M account. I played for 1 day and decided this game isn't for me. Only 200 gems are used to buy Blessing of Ceres. Blessing of Ceres is invest 200 gems for 550 gems and other items for login in for 7 days. $10 Paypal Friends and Family Thank You for your time.
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    Selling  WTS Valkyrie Anatomia: Randgrid/Claiomh Solais/Sylvan Bow x 2

    Hello I'm looking to sell a Valkyrie Anatomia fresh account and unbind account with four x 6*(Star) weapons. It has Randgrid / Claiomh Solais / Sylvan Bow x 2 The account has used 5000 gems. Payment is in USD for Paypals FF. If interested please send me a message with your discord information...
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    SOLD 11 SR Lime, Lire, Lass, Jin, Ley and Amy Unbidden

    I'm resuming of selling of this account. The selection ticket has expired tho. 10 SSR not 11 SSR
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    SOLD  Global End Game Acc 5 x 5* Units Toova Suz Shion Mariel Lokido

    I'm selling my Another Eden account. Payment is Friends/Family by PayPal. Please message me here or leave your discord contact info. I'm willing to use middleman system but buyers covers cost of middleman system. What is completed of the game is the Main Story, Two Knights and the Holy Sword...
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    SOLD  11 SR Lime, Lire, Lass, Jin, Ley and Amy Unbidden

    North American account/server. The account has some story done. 11 SR Lime, Lire, Lass, Jin, Ley, Ryan, Arme, Sieghart, Rufus, Amy and 1 SR Selection Ticket. Account is unbind and has name ticket. Some gems are left over. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Price $30 US