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  1. Goofach116

    Buying Looking for 200.000.000

    Well I almost got scammed last time, looking for another 150 million clintz cash, please message me for my discord.
  2. Goofach116

    Buying  Looking for 200.000.000

    I'm looking to buy 200 million clintz, I can pay 1$/1m or more as long as you have 200m+ clintz (BTC/PayPal).
  3. Goofach116

    Looking to buy 100M

    Looking to buy 100M urban rivals, might be buying more later this weekend! :)
  4. Goofach116

    Selling Millions in card 1€/M

    Looking to buy!
  5. Goofach116

    [Ad] Just about right?

    Thanks everyone already thought it could get annoying. Will do another attempt next weekend!
  6. Goofach116

    [Ad] Just about right?

    Had some serious trouble getting my ad below 400 kb. As a result it became a little flashy, but this already took me a long time to compile, compress and reduce in time. Do you guys think this would be fine on an not too active forum?
  7. Goofach116

    Guests Accounts Added

    That's a cool update πŸ‘
  8. Goofach116

    Import feedback and some questions

    I'm referring here to the import feedback from other channels, such as ebay.
  9. Goofach116

    Import feedback and some questions

    Upgrading further*
  10. Goofach116

    Import feedback and some questions

    Hello, any update on when this feature will come back? Only interested in upgrading if this gets added.
  11. Goofach116

    Selling Urban Rivals - Chitaxu Service - Accounts / Clintz / Cards

    Fake details provided, account not as described I decided to buy an account. When a deal sounds too good to be true, most of the time is. This was such a case. Did not receive what I ordered.
  12. Goofach116

    Coursehero unlock helpout

    I would like you to study efficiently and fast so that no time is lost in inefficient studying. Have seen people doing this for paid services, but it's not a big deal for 1️⃣ simple feedback. If you come across a locked course hero document, I am willing to unlock & download and send this to you!πŸ™‚
  13. Goofach116

    What do you think about reselling account?

    Don't have an issue with it as long as the stuff is legit. Not expecting the seller to be an expert language professor.
  14. Goofach116

    Created my first banner!

    Yay! so i finally got to make my banner as advertising on a specific forum on epicnpc. Took me about 2 minutes, and I used a fashion banner template 😊. What do you guys think, any recommendations or tips?
  15. Goofach116

    Selling UR Cards [0,35€/M]

    Selling bulks of cards will get you banned fast.. also this seems not very safe as you will sell from the same account and therefore transactions will crosslink across customers. Pm me if you are serious about selling.
  16. Goofach116

    Buying Account with all ld or 50 ld +

    50+ ld is very rare. I can get you an account with 40 ld, 7M and level 80+ instead