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    Selling  ā­ Warmane Coins and Gold! ā­

    WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME : Avoid getting scammed by random people, im PAYPAL/SKRILL/EPICNPC VERIFIED! Your Safety is always my first priority ALL GOLD IS FARMED BY HANDS WITHOUT USING ANY CHEAT/EXPLOIT OR BOTS Discount on large orders Instant Delivery GOLD ALWAYS IN STOCK ** Special offers...

    Paypal refund question


    Paypal refund question

    How can someone proove that it was an unauthorized payment? i mean PP wont check their account activity/IPs etc etc? @The Integrity

    Selling Netherwing $25/1K || Outland $2.5/1K || COINS

    Another great trade :) Great guy..friendly...def a pro seller <3

    Paypal refund question

    Very informative tbh.. :)

    Paypal refund question

    Maybe its able to charged back via their banks or something ,not sure tho..as i said you should use Trade guardian if you dont trust him or something.. :) Paypal's Buyers protection is not able on Payments as gifts/family$friends

    Paypal refund question

    It looks like a scam to my eyes..the only reason that they cant pay an invoice (and get that error) is that there arent enough funds in their paypal/credi card ! Maybe they just got a random photo from google or something.. ALWAYS USE TRADE GUARDIAN ! Its the only way to avoid getting scammed by...

    Selling  šŸ”” [Netherwing] Blood elf warlock lvl44-Original Owner šŸ””

    As the title says i wanna sell my blood elf warlock ( FEMALE) lvl 44 , on netherwing atlantiss server! I didnt use any exploits or forbidden softwares (like bots) to lvl up this character.. Account comes with clear email (GMAIL) Im the ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT Very GOOD leveling gear...

    What we know so far about Classic WoW

    Classic Will launch in Summer of 2019 The client will not run on 32bit systems. Accessibility options such as colorblind will be present Right click-Report a player will be enabled Battle.net chat will be integrated into Classic. Loot trading will be enabled (You can trade BoP items within 2...

    Epic member Premium / Verified Member

    Ye i was thinking the same , but wasnt 100% cause i couldnt find any more infos about it ..thanks for the fast reply :)

    Epic member Premium / Verified Member

    Hey , I just hit 20 possitive feedbacks.and i would like to ask you if theres a difference between epic member premiun and verified member ( im already a verified member here ),i mean do i get something else from upgrading to epic member premium ,if im already a verified member? Thank you :)

    Selling Netherwing gold Available ! Cheap and Safe.

    All went smooth! Instant delivery! Thanks mate :)

    Selling Netherwing $25/1K || Outland $2.5/1K || COINS

    All went smooth!fast delivery! Nice trade!thanks

    Selling WARMANE coins €0,65 or $0,7 / 1 coin

    Bought warmane coins!everything went smooth as always! A++ PRO TRADER! A++

    Regarding feedback and new star system

    Hehe i happens :)Nps nps mate

    Regarding feedback and new star system

    Its counted on your total feedback as i can see (its a possitive 5 stars),if you mean that feedback on Friday at 7:40 AM ..Dunno about the gray color but it seems,all positive feedbacks we got after the feedback's system update are in a grey color (in posts) Maybe its a visual bug or whatever :)

    Paypal possible scam

    Uhm ,maybe you should call Paypal customers assistance and tell them whats happening,so they can investigate it ,or maybe send them an email

    Selling ā˜… Atlantiss NETHERWING GOLD straight from farmers ā˜…

    All went smooth! Instant delivery! Cool and friendly guy! A++