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  1. GoldenDesert

    Selling  [NA] Mystic 62 lvl 281/283/313 4x boss pens 3000 usd

    not original owner - 4 x pens each worth 20bil+! with full tet accesories easily over 100bil! - Tons of pearl purchase and maxed out lodging - 10+ maids(havent counted exactly) - Tons of extra boss gear (15bil worth velia storage with spare tet boss/accessories) - Golden map + 2 compass piece in...
  2. GoldenDesert

    SOLD  [EU] Gehennas (changable) Mage 60 level 515 gold good gear 350 EUR

    [EU] Gehennas Mage 60 level 515 gold, 40 lvl mount, good gear 350 EUR Server can be change for All screenshots you can check in this link:
  3. GoldenDesert

    Selling šŸ”„All Servers | 56-61-100$ 1bill-50$āœ…Goldendesert.net

    Hello, for 10 hours grinding the whole rare drop and trash loot will remain with you
  4. GoldenDesert

    Selling [EU] Archer 270/281/309 full tet gear, pen dande 2000 EUR

    hello, each seller has its own price so this price