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    BBS endgame account

    4 and some that are 10/10/0
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    Buying Op endgame account with orbs

    Hey I added you on discord if you still want an endgame account. My user is Nickolix3#1539
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    BBS endgame account

    WTS Beast endgame account for $150 All 3 new Tybwcharacters 11 Tybw characters in all 2 Cfyw 127 6 stars Both of the anniversary characters 1400 orbs Gold accessories
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    BOUGHT BBS Global Account 14/17 TYBW Characters Klab Only

    I have a lot of what you want if you’re interested my discord is Nickolix3#1539
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    BBS account many 6stars with gold accs

    I’m interested in trading I have a lot of 6stars that are high tier and different than yours with a lot of story left so a good orb resource. Your discord is coming up so mine is Nickolix3#1539 and my email is [email protected]
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    Trading/Selling Bleach Brave Souls Endgame Account

    I can’t find you on discord but I would like to trade. My discord is Nickolix3#1539 and my email is [email protected]
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    Trading Trading my BBS account for a different one

    I can’t really find you on discord but I’m interested. My discord is Nickolix3#1539
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    Selling bleach brave souls mid game account

    Has TYBW toshiro, yachiru and unohana See photos below to decide if you want Price is $65 Email me if interested at [email protected]
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    Trading fresh account

    Looking to trade my account for something newer but same value If interested contact me at my email [email protected]