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  1. Cecile28

    [awaiting Epicnpc] PLANEZ selling cracked accounts

    Our policy is strict and clear, we do not allow seller who sells stolen / cracked account. This term violation usually lead to an instant ban when discovered. As the seller is a quite old member with good feedbacks, I will let @EpicNPC rule this case. Waiting for his input, thread is locked as...
  2. Cecile28

    Delet my thread, very important !

    Hello, I removed the sensitive informations (links and images) and closed the threads. Regards
  3. Cecile28

    Upgrade Account Error

    You have used the old upgrade URL (the information center is not yet updated). Please use this link instead: https://www.epicnpc.com/account/upgrades
  4. Cecile28

    Phone Verification?

    So it's solved ?
  5. Cecile28

    Phone Verification?

    This bug is supposed to be fixed. Can you dismiss the notification?
  6. Cecile28

    Help with middle man option

    Seem you love to post duplicates... Done ;)
  7. Cecile28

    Help with middle man option

    Deleted as requested
  8. Cecile28

    How to sort post by newer or date

    On the sidebar, you have an option to sort by First/Last message date.
  9. Cecile28

    Pictures in my Threads now showen since new plattform - Please help :(

    This is a know issue. Closing this thread. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/welcome-to-the-new-epicnpc.1389667/post-6105719
  10. Cecile28

    can't use middleman for server error.

    We do not have a directory. Therefore, you can reach https://www.epicnpc.com/members/the-integrity.283059/ which is a middleman on this platform.
  11. Cecile28

    Welcome to the New EpicNPC!

    This are the know issues : Upgrade issue: lost upgrade during migration Threads tables are broken Threads images are missing / broken Missing feedbacks The "WE RAN INTO SOME PROBLEMS" or "MISSING PRIVILEGES" issue Max 2000 max symbols on threads "Verify ownership" not clickable on social media...
  12. Cecile28

    Why cant i post anything on beta keys forum?

    Hello, Please check the requirement for this section : https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/%E2%98%85%E2%98%85%E2%98%85-membership-upgrade-required-to-create-threads-%E2%98%85%E2%98%85%E2%98%85.583446/ Regards.
  13. Cecile28

    can't use middleman for server error.

    Hello, Do not register a new account. There's a lot of bugs due to the website upgrade. Please wait a few days to see them resolved. Thanks
  14. Cecile28

    Citygamer cannot access forum after relaumch

    Hello, The website is currently experiencing some issues due to the upgrade. Please wait a few days to see them resolved. Therefore, if he still want to contact without being logged on, he can use the contact form https://www.epicnpc.com/misc/contact/
  15. Cecile28

    Can not access a single page on my account

    Hello, Do not worry, a lot of users are currently experiencing issues due to the website upgrade. Please wait a few days to see all theses bugs fixed.
  16. Cecile28

    Welcome to the New EpicNPC!

    Few bugs: - Can't visit users profile - Got upgrade information stuff (being EPIC member for 3$) even if I'm already upgraded - SMod is not displayed on my profile - My feedback count went from 50 to 38 :( - have little "2" instead of my user title
  17. Cecile28

    Account deactivation

    Account closed.
  18. Cecile28

    My false negative vote

    @Narwzul can you post the printcreens not the transcript ? Please care to also screnshot the skype details of the users with who you talked.