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    Selling 9 ml 5* account global

    Added you on discord
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    Selling Global whale account 5 ML5 (+one dupe) and ALL limited

    Things went okay at first, but then she recalled the account and blocked me on discord Seller recalled account. Blocked me on discord
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    Selling Global whale account 5 ML5 (+one dupe) and ALL limited

    Bought an account from seller, was very responsive, answered questions I had, and delivered account quickly! Thanks for the speedy responses and for the account!
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    Selling  FFXIV 60 Day Game Time Card NA

    I have a few 60 Day Game Time Cards for sale for NA. Selling for $25 each. PM me if interested.
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    Selling Lost ark account with berserker lv 50 ilv 296 + vpn Egharam

    I sent a friend request and PM'ed you on discord=1397902&hash=56494963b33fa46728558fc1629a060e']Attach files
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    Scammed by rainerelite

    Oh I scammed you? I told you that I would PP you $20 first for you to remove the 2fa on the account, then I would PP you the other half once i could login. I sent my half, then you dragged along turning off 2fa and then eventually disappeared and blocked me on discord. I opened a dispute on...
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    Rainbow six seige account with 5 black ice skins 200000+ renown, and more

    So your feedback said I gave you the money but then refunded, but your post above says that I never sent the money? Which one is it?
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    Remove Negative Feedback

    was left feedback by eXtremegamerAl This is Alex1924w, who was banned after I opened a scam report against him. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/1373567-Scammed-by-Alex1924w Please remove the negative feedback I got from this user. Thank You
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    Scammed by rainerelite

    This is user Alex1924w. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/1373567-Scammed-by-Alex1924w My post shows the whole conversation, and shows a different story than what he is claiming.
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    Rainbow six seige account with 5 black ice skins 200000+ renown, and more

    Hey man you ever gonna remove that 2fa for that account I bought from you?
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    Selling Rainbow Six Siege Account With 233000 renown and 5 black ice skins

    This is scammer Alex1924w. Do not buy from him
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    Selling Level 140 Account with 5 Black Ice Skins, 3 Legendarys, 233000 Renown.

    User scammed me, do not trust. I have an Scam dispute open right now for him.
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    Scammed by Alex1924w

    Please Fill Out the Form ###################### Purchase Date: 9/30/2018 Date the problem begain: 9/30/2018 Method of Contact Used (chat progam): Discord Your Instant Messenger ID: Ironicquote#0561 Instant Messenger username of the person you are accusing: [not the display name, must be real...
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    Buying Pearl Items

    I'm selling pearls, I added you on skype.