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    Selling cheap Rerolled accounts from last prefest

    Instant response, good service Thanks for the sale!
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    Buying  LF> CGSS with Awaited Person of Fate Ranko

    Looking to buy an account with Awaited Person of Fate Ranko. No real budget limit. PM me here with offers, or on my social media: Instagram: idolserenie Discord: Yuri#4484 Only buying with an MM.
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    Renegade Raider account

    Be careful - this guy is a scammer. They are trying to sell my account for $250 using my screenshots. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/whale-bandori-jp-account.1456332/
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    bandori Jp account

    WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT Hi, I'm the current owner of that account. I will be reporting you for attempting to scam, cheers. ^^
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    SOLD  [NOW $35] 6x4* Maya Michiru Aruru Yachiyo H.Kaoruko Ichiyo

    Selling my alt account - looking for $35 F&F. Linked account, email and password can both be changed. Has limited Halloween Kaoruko, with top tier PvP and boss characters. Has 18 days of Passport left, and 23hrs on Michiru pack. Gold I in PvP because no time to keep climbing, easily can reach...
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    SOLD Starlight Revue 4 x 4* Aruru, Shizuha, Ichie, Hikari

    Great seller, no MM needed! Quick and easy, thanks for the sale
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    SOLD  [JP] Only 3 Accounts left! $10 each

    I have my dream account and really need the money, so selling these for cheap, $10 USD each. Acc 1: Available Acc 2: Available Acc 3: Available DM me here or on my social media: Discord: Yuri#4484 Instagram: bgd.Serenie Seller/trading proofs:
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    Selling  [GLOBAL] End-game ML Ken Account $600

    IGN: English, one word Max team CP: 230k Arena rank: Challenger IV (could climb higher, I barely play PvP) Auto W11 8.5k Skystones, 66 Bookmarks Gmail bound, will be provided. Nat 5* ------------------- 6* ML Ken 74k CP 6* Diene 6* Luna 6* Sez 6* Kise Cecilia Vildred Charles Yuna Lidica...
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    SOLD  Buying Beach Eve Account

    Must have at least 1 page of 4*, unless plenty of lims. No real upper limit for budget. DM me here or on my social media if interested: Discord: Yuri#4484 IG: bgd.serenie
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    SOLD  [WW/EN] Swimsuit Lisa

    Looking to buy a Swimsuit Lisa WW/EN! No real budget limit. Can also trade for one or multiple of my JP: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/jp-selling-accounts-with-many-limiteds-up-to-26-4.1447129/ DM me here or on my social media if interested: IG: bgd.serenie Discord: Yuri#4484
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    SOLD  [JP] Selling accounts with many limiteds, up to 26 4*

    All are farmable except for acc 3! Also trading for Swimsuit Lisa on WW/EN. Can trade multiple for a highball WW. 1st Acc 22 4* 2nd Acc 15 4* 3rd Acc 26 4* 4th Acc 24 4* SOLD 5th Acc 20 4* DM me here or my other social medias if interested: IG: bgd.serenie Discord: Yuri#4484 MM from IG is ok!
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    SOLD  [JP] 16 4* Starter Account with DF Lims

    Has limited DF Moca and Sayo, along with DF Kokoro and Eve! No songs played, extremely farmable. PM me here, or on discord at Yuri#4484 to offer.
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    SOLD  [JP] Starter Account with Lim Mermaid Yukina

    Only a few songs played, extremely farmable! PM me here, or on discord at Yuri#4484 to offer.
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    SOLD Auto w11 Luna diene ange tam and more

    Great seller, no MM needed! Very helpful and fast to respond. Thanks for the quick and easy trade!
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    Buying Buying --Global-- Diene account.

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/or-trading-global-endgame-acc-with-diene-luna-kise-bellona-and-haste-200.1426650/ $200
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    Clessx3 is a scammer

    I tried to trade accounts and they wanted to use their own MM. Never replied when I asked them to do trade guardian. Definitely dodgy.
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    SOLD or Trading: Global endgame acc with Diene, Luna, Kise, Bellona and Haste. $200

    B/O $200. Alternatively, trading for an account with two or more of: Kitty Clarissa, Challenger Dominiel, Shadow Rose, Judge Kise or Ruele of Light. If your account is better than I can offer money going your way.
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    SOLD  [Global] End-game account with C.dom/Diene/W.Schuri/AssCartuja/Luna 217k CP

    Selling end-game account with multiple 4* MLs: Good English Name W11 auto, Abyss 80 217k CP Challenger V arena 6 Star: Diene +5 Sigret +3 Imprint B Tamarinne +4 Haste +6 Imprint B Yuna Challenger Dominiel +12 Imprint B Watcher Schuri +6 Assassin Cartuja Angelica +3 Commander Lorina +12 5...