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    Selling  Ariesms Nice Bowman/DEX Account! High Value

    Hey guys, After near a year of inactivity I decided to sell my Aries Account. I've put much money into it so im interested in serious offers. Payment is only in Bitcoin! Can deal trough Trade Guardian of course! (you'll cover the Fee) Around a mil of NX Some perma NX Items (nothing like...
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    Selling Selling VIP 9 semi-starter account 10 days played

    Still available? Send me message pls
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    Selling  AFK Arena Lucky starter 15$ Android

    Any questions? Discord Dave96#8354 Kik Dawid2709
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    SOLD  Europe Nepthys + Psam + Jamire 25$

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    Selling  JAGER BABY global + nice Nat4 only 10$

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  Glob Starter Valantis with other Nat5 and Twins 20$

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  Jager Early, Some NAT5, 3k Energy, 100 Wings 20$

    More info Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  WTS Baby LnD Account Fermion 10$

    - Babystarter - Welcome Back Reward just Started (30 days) - You can start the Vampire Lord Event now! - Atleast 700 Energy (more in Welcome Back pack) 10$ via PPL or Bitcoin Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  Fun Account Verad BabyStarter with 6.000 Energy

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  Very Early Asima Starter with Verde 25$

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    Buying  Buying Starter/Early LnD(s)

    WTB LnD Nat5 Single/Double starter or very early on Global or Europe - Budget up to 200$ CRITERIA: NO TOA/TOAH completed, NO high Rift-Ranking NO stable GB10/DB10 prefered LnD´s: -Artamiel -Giana -Valantis -Pater -Asima -Rahul -Ragodll if Single Starter LnD --> ATLEAST ONE of these: -Woosa...
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    Buying  Starter / Early with 2 LnD Nat 5. 200 Budget

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354 DON'T TAKE MID-LATE ACCOUNTS
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    Selling  Jager Baby Starter 10$ GLOBAL

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    Buying  Looking for LnD Asima Starter/Very Early

    Kik Dawid2709 Discord Dave96#8354
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    SOLD  EU Starter Fermion + Super Nat 5s 40$

    Fermion Verad Perna Xiong Fei Vanessa + Essential and Awesome Nat 4 / LnD Nat 4 GB10 Team + DB10 Team Around 1000 Crystals Discord Dave96#8354 Kik Dawid2709
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    SOLD  New Leg Inithwe Bloodtwin Starter 35$

    Starter, more info just pm discord Dave96#8354 No Campaign done 1 week exp boost Market fully unlocked Paypal. Looking for 35 dolls
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    WTS 2 Accounts Warlord + Inithwe Bloodtwin

    Fast Reliable Seller and ready for negotiation A++ can recommend!